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  1. torahlovesalvation

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    A very real scenario of TLS2 and I adopting my brother's children has come to our attention. I know nothing on the procedure here. For example, does it make a difference that he's my family versus an orphanage or foster parent. Does that make it easier or harder? Thanks for any and all input
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    I am not really sure but my opinion is that it harder adopting a family members child. There can be a lot of controversy in family member adoptions.
  3. andrew

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    I know of an intra-family adoption (a woman that adopted her sister's newborn) that was completely painless. If all parties involved are on board, it shouldn't be a problem.
  4. torahlovesalvation

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    That's kina what I thought. Any one know for sure?
  5. aineo

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    TLS, I've never adopted, nor do I even pretend to understand the complexities, but I suspect this varies from state to state.
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    Yeah, if you're even half-serious you need to find a lawyer in the appropriate jurisdiction and get a consultation.
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    Yep get a lawyer. Should be easier. Once you do, make sure that you and everybody else knows that they are your kids! No foolin! Don't put up with any shenanigans from the rest of the family. We have some good friends that adopted from two sides of the family. It was pretty rough till they let everyone else know with no uncertain terms where the lines were drawn.
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    My wife and I trained for adoption in Arizona, so I can only tell you about state relevant information, and it will probably vary depending on the state. Here there are organizations that will help you go through the procedure, and will actually pay for the legal fees if it comes to that stage.

    We had a number of people adopting their grandkids, or other in the family situations. It seems like they would rather the children remain in their birth family, if possible, as a matter of policy. I would suggest finding out what your local agencies are.

    If you want to talk further, send me a private message, and I would be happy to talk it over further.
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    Same for Texas. fwiw.