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    Normally I would put this in the private forum because the movie in question has some things that some may find objectionable, namely nudity and sensuality, but it is so germaine to this forum that I think it's worth bringing out in public. Of course I will gladly bow to the opinion of the moderators. Also I know this is for book reviews but we don't have a section so movie reviews so here it goes unless someone moves it.

    Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is on Amazon tells the story, with the usual embellishment, of the creator of the lie detector test and the Wonder Woman comic book and his polygynous relationship with his two wives.

    Marston is a fascinating character without the two women and his ideas about human relationships are very much rooted in patriarchy . If you watch the movie please do some additional research into his ideas of submission to a loving authority.

    But the movie's main draw is the interplay between these three people as they build on his relationship. I would be fascinated to hear what some of the practitioners have to say about it.

    You will need to put your filters on max filtration. Don't have the kids in the room and be prepared for a small amount of Christian bashing and a heavy dose of modern feminist swill. But it's very worth it.
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    I've been waiting for that to come out on Redbox, but now searching Redbox they don't even list it as 'coming soon'. Wonder if there's some suppression going on there. So tonight I guess we'll either rent it on Amazon or buy it to lend out to others and to check special features.

    Marston's DISC theory of personality is probably worth a separate thread here. Teaser: Dominance and Compliance are what happens in an unfavorable environment; Inducement and Submission are what happens in a favorable environment.

    Even military leadership doctrine these days talks more about influence than dominance. As patriarchal leaders who govern our homes but are also under authority (right?), we should be able (imo) to make that spectrum work for us, and teach the people around us how to recognize when "because I said so" is going to have to work as an answer (emergencies, difficult situations) but also recognize ourselves how much better it is to persuade and influence than dominate and control.
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    There's probably another thread waiting to happen on the difference between Marston's theories of submission and 'modern feminist swill'. Speaking for myself, I have no use for a Stepford wife or kids. I value strong women who understand teamwork, leadership, and followership. I'm not saying I agree with Marston down the line, but if you account for the time period he was operating in, when women were heavily infantilized and patronized, his ideas make a lot of sense, and are at least provocative and good conversation starters and case studies.

    Edit: I'm not disagreeing with you, Zec, about any swill in the movie. A lot depends on how the movie producers spin the story, and Marston's ideas certainly weren't biblically grounded! But I find his pov (as I understand it) interesting, and am looking forward to seeing how that's all presented in the movie.
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    Checking something on Wikipedia, I ran across this:

    In a 1943 issue of The American Scholar, Marston wrote: "Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power. Not wanting to be girls, they don't want to be tender, submissive, peace-loving as good women are. Women's strong qualities have become despised because of their weakness. The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman."​

    My kind of thinking....
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    Many people mistake my @Well loved wife for a Uber submissive, shy sweet natured lady because that is who she loves to be . . . With me!
    My brothers, dad (if he was still alive) friends etc could all testify to the steel and strength of my lady if they ever presumed that they could expect the same deference if they were wrong or overstepping her boundaries.
    She gives me that deference as a gift because she appreciates the kind of husband I try to be and she wants to be that kind of wife.
    She is an incredible woman and has spoiled me for anyone who is not a strong, capable, submissive lady.
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    I have seen "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women" and agree that it is an interesting (and true) story that is well worth watching, about a man and two women forming a family amid persecution, although it is not in any way a Christian example.
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    Whatever his good intention, Wonder Woman has been thoroughly co-opted as a strong independent woman archetype for the women need men like fish need a bicycle crowd and not doing anything to recover genuine good femininity.

    How does a demigod with supra-male strength recover femininity? It can't. The ideal man and ideal woman are different and must be due to their fundamental biological differences and created purposes. But when you operate from an equaltarian mindset you cannot think clearly about such ideals. You think because women aren't strong in the ways men are they must be weak. And when you operate from envy, anything less than supremacy over men is untenable.

    The problem is the feminist perspective that views any submission as weakness and only values power when used. They don't understand meekness. They cannot exist comfortably in a hierarchy but operate on a winner take all crab bucket approach.
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    The Wonder Woman aspect of this reminded me of a story. A guy that we had let store some things in one of the buildings on our property had come to get it. No problem there, but he came in a friends truck, didn’t call and didn’t check in at the house.
    He about shit a brick when my sweet red headed wife came around the corner with fire in her eyes . . . And a .357 mag.
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    Right, which is why going back to his original intentions and messaging is so interesting.

    For example....
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    She seemd so nice and gentle at the retreats!
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    Just don't cross her....
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    I have no doubt if it hadn’t been someone she recognized, they’d most likely been calling the coroner
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    Awesome flick. Not gonna be everyone's cup of tea due to some of the, shall we say, "adult themes", but the four of us agree that the movie overall just nailed some of the dynamics of a plural relationship and is thought-provoking in all the right ways.
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    I'm glad someone watched it. I really liked it. I thought the first wife was really well done.
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    Loved this movie. I could tell that the writer/director asked some very good questions about what life might have been like for them. The risks taken. The decisions made. The way they had to find their way as a family on their own. That moment when Olive says she wants a new stove and some time to herself on weekends. Goodness. It's not my favorite movie and my life is not like theirs but there's a lot of truth in there worth exploring. The acting was excellent and I cared about what happened to the characters so that's a good flick in my book regardless of the poly aspect.
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    That was my favorite part! :)
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