Any braless supporters out there?

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  1. steve

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    I am all for freeing the TaTa's, but please don't mesmerize me with hide-and-seek, peekaboo nips.
    Yes, your eyes are lovely. But they aren't winking at me, are they?
  2. rustysdove11

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    I think the men's responses should be enough proof of why a modest woman wouldn't go braless. Pretty sure there's something in the Bible about not putting a stumbling block before your brother? I wonder if this would fall into that category
  3. Joleneakamama

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    My mom used to make herself dresses that were lined and had invisible zippers in the bodice for easy access nursing. She didn't wear nursing bras, just nursed on demand. The extra lining made them modest, and the zippers were super discrete and convenient, with no bulky shirt bunched up over baby's face, or clothes pulled down under baring the chest. In my experience, older babies tend to do things that make you think they are trying to show off their food source! I think my mom had a very good idea there.
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  4. Joleneakamama

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    I agree to a point, but that taken to an extreme has women wearing Burkas. There is a point where the man needs to take every thought captive, and take responsibility for himself. If he is married this should be even easier, as he has a lawful avenue of expression for his urges.
    We do try to teach our daughter that the image she sends will attract or repel different types of men. If she dresses like a woman if the world, a serious moral young man may think she is the type that plays around, and if she dresses modestly or more old fashioned it implies a more conservative mindset.
    Do you really care if playboys decide you don't look easy, and leave you alone? Wouldn't that be better then sending the wrong message to the RIGHT kind of young men?
    I definately think so.
  5. torahlovesalvation

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    I'm in total agreement with this one.

    I like being fundamental, roots, ect. It just seems closer to God for me. Complexity leads to collapse.
    So call me crazy.
  6. torahlovesalvation

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    And think this is brilliant
  7. rustysdove11

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    Oh my, I hadn't thought that someone might take the idea of modesty to the extreme! Well I sure do feel liberated to do whatever I want now! here's a thought, since we've all been freed from the confines of modesty, we should have a wet tee shirt contest at the next retreat! Oh!!! Or the next location could be at a nude beach!!! of course the men will just have to deal with it, since it's there problem. :D
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  8. Mojo

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  9. rustysdove11

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    Ouch? I was trying to be funny! I'm sorry if it came off differently.... in all honesty the topic goes both ways, men have a responsibility to keep their heart and eyes in check, but we as God fearing women should strive to help them by being modest. :)
  10. Mojo

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    It's one of those replies that can be a double edged sword. I got the humor, but it was oh so sharp too.:)
  11. ZecAustin

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    Modesty isn't commanded for men's sake. It isn't a burden women have to bear because of men's weakness. Modesty is a command for married women to show they are forsaking all others. They have chosen their master and they are only his. Men do have to own their own stuff. Women have to own theirs too.
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    Wooooo nude beach! Heck yes baby! ... Although I suppose it'd have to be a really big beach so we could be spread out far enough to have our own space. This would avoid boxing matches between men after catching eachother eye balling the yummy unveiled curves of our wives. :rolleyes::mad:

    A man having control of himself is very much his responsibility. Yet we are breeders and we like the female body... a lot! :D

    Honestly though, when I'm out and about in public the type of women that truly catch my eye are the occasional Mennonite gal strutting her modesty and meek spirit.... Super hot! Haha!
  13. FollowingHim

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    I really don't see why bras are a modesty issue at all. The top worn over the bra is what determines whether a woman is modest or not. Bras can be designed to present a woman's chest in the most noticeable manner, it could be more modest to dispense with them. Depending on the nature of the boobs in question of course, the opposite can be the case obviously.

    Case in point: Others have mentioned burquas. How many muslim women are wearing bras under their burquas? Does anyone know the answer? Or is it irrelevant?
  14. frederick

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    Some years back a group of young muslim women told us they wore regular jeans and tee-shirts under their hijab garb but they didn't say anything beyond that. I Googled the question and the answer came back; Yes, muslim women wear bras! So, Mr Google says they do. But I agree with you FH; it's the top/shirt over the bra or lack thereof that makes the difference as to whether it is modest dress or not.
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  15. Mojo

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    This is really a true statement. When you have less to look at, the more you can concentrate on the person.

    The less you have to see, the more the mystery. The more the mystery, the farther your mind can wonder. The greater the wonder, the more the desire....get my drift?

    More can be less?
  16. NetWatchR

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    I'm glad you mentioned this, because two different avenues have developed (no pun) on the bra issue: Modesty and Health. The modesty factor really is primarily controlled by the overlay (clothes) rather than the support frame (bra); the bra acting as more of a "modifier". I believe the OP was more interested in the Health aspects of bra v bra-less.

    As with any issues, there are steadfast, overbearing, proclaimers of polar opposites on the issue. The ones who say that they should be wrapped up all the time and those who say that they should be free all the time. Again, as usual, the truth is in the middle and often supported by facts which people are innocently ignorant of or actively ignore in order to support a tangent political agenda.

    In this case, common sense really does match science. If the breasts are left to hang for all of time, they WILL sag; however, to my knowledge, and i have not read any research saying otherwise, there are no health risks or modifiers in doing so. It is the natural order, the baseline. If the breasts are bound all the time (even correctly fitting ones) there IS a SLIGHT increase in health risks and there will still be some sagging later in life, but just not to the same degree. As it is, "Aesthetics", shall we say, is more of an issue with genetics and muscle tone anyway. The big problem, is with the 80% of women who wear the wrong sized bras which DOES greatly MULTIPLY the originally slight risks in wearing one and this is the data used by the 100% bra-less camp as their argument.

    If I can go full-guy here for a second (as if i hadn't already) it's kind of like riding a motorcycle versus driving a car. The natural order is to drive a car. No greater risks involved other than the normal baseline risks of driving a car at all. If i choose to ride a motorcycle, I ride the right bike with the right gear. Risks are increased slightly, but I have the benefit of going places quickly and with much more enjoyment. If i ride the wrong bike (too heavy, too big, too small, not enough power, too much power) with the wrong gear (no jacket, wrong size helmet, no face protection, sneakers), risks are multiplied with no increased benefit and may hinder my overall enjoyment.

    Ok, i'm done. :)
  17. andrew

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    Well said. I like the motorcycle analogy as well.
  18. Mojo

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    Yes, but perhaps an even more appropriate analogy might be the health risks versus the benefits of riding a bicycle for men. The "jewels" and a certain gland are put at risk with long term bicycle riding, but the health benefits, and subsequent aesthetics of a fitter body are increased.

    But....that's another thread.

    I vote for support of the mammary glands in public, around men, or at work.

    I vote for release of the glands at home, and definitely at bed time.
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  19. andrew

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    "Release The Glands". "Free The Tatas". Hard call.... ;)
  20. MeganC

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    Around the house and the ranch we don't always wear a bra. Outside of the house/ranch we absolutely do.

    Myself if my boobs are big I like to wear a bandeau instead of a bra because it has enough support but it isn't so tight that it makes me sore. Sometimes I wear two of them at a time to get some extra support and the pressure helps to just make swollen boobies feel a little less sore!