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    Over the past 2 years, the time we have been observing the feasts to some degree or another, I have noticed an interesting relationship between my work and the feasts. In the runup to a feast, I tend to have some gap in my finances that I am aware of. The temptation is to focus purely on trying to fill that gap myself. However, if instead I take the time to focus on preparing for and celebrating the feast with my family, I immediately get phone calls from new clients and become quite busy, enough to supply the need that I was aware of without me actually doing anything to seek to fix it myself. I've seen this at both Passover and Sukkot for two years.

    This year I planned to take a decent amount of time off over Sukkot with the family - while seeing a financial gap in my business that needed filling by the end of the month with no plans for how to do that. The day before Sukkot I had a phone call from a client looking for a substantial project, that had to start urgently during the work days within the feast. I've now spent two days working for this client (around sabbaths of course), and had another phone call today from a different new client, also having to start the work this week. All of which has filled up the days I had intended to spend with the family - but it's been raining since the feast began anyway and our plans for living outdoors have been destroyed anyway, it's better for me to reschedule that to the end of the feast anyway when the weather's better. And the urgent starting dates mean earlier completion and earlier invoicing, which is all part of the provision...

    At Sukkot we remember how God provided for the Israelites in the wilderness, and how He continues to provide everything we need today. And I find he's busy providing for us while we do it.

    Has anyone else noticed anything like this in their lives?
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    We have a dear friend sharing the festivals with us, and what a blessing it is... Happy Sukkot Brother!

    (although, I have to admit I'm a slacker myself... acres of land here and I've never built a sukkah:oops:)