Can A Woman Marry Without Her Father's Consent?

Discussion in 'Marriage Issues' started by Maegirl, Nov 12, 2017.

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    I would say it depends on the situation. My father is a drug addict and not in my life. My husband asked if he should get my father approval and I said no.
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    Before I proposed to Sarah, at some point in our many discussions, she had told me that her secular father thought that her life was her business, and he wouldn't want to be asked for his permission by anyone wanting to marry one of his daughters. I deliberately ignored this and asked him anyway. He was very pleased to be asked and I think his opinion of me was greatly enhanced by it. So I agree with @J D Right, this is very worthwhile.

    Polygamy is very difficult to achieve. It is extremely tempting to overlook this in order to remove one of the many hurdles in the way. But should our goal be to become polygamous (whatever the collateral damage), or to do what is right (even at the risk of not becoming polygamous )?

    I know this is far easier said than done. Real life can be very complex and such things are not necessarily clear-cut. And, if you've already consummated the marriage anyway without his consent (rightly or wrongly), honouring your obligations to your wife becomes the most important concern. However I don't think we should throw away this basic principle of respect to fathers just because it seems too difficult. We serve an amazing God.

    God may use your willingness to ask a father's permission to forge a strong relationship with her family that you never imagined could exist. Or He could use it to break up a relationship that was not His will in the first place and was simply the product of your own fleshly lusts, you needed someone from the outside saying "no" to snap you back to reality. Following this principle certainly risks getting the answer of "no" - but that can actually be the right answer, so why should we fear receiving it?
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    This should be tattooed somewhere conspicuous! Fantastic!
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