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    So, our family could use some prayers as we're going to be going through some big changes within the next month.
    This weekend we're moving. I've never lived anywhere other than the town I'm currently in and it's kind of a big deal for me. Moving is stressful all on its own, but so far God has given us SO much to be thankful for!

    And, two weeks from now the husband and his fiancée will be married. For those of you that know me a little, you know that I'm very happy for them but also a little (who am I kidding? a LOT) terrified of what my life and marriage will look like now.

    God's definitely working in our family! I'm praying that the move goes smoothly (we'll be moving around a bit until our home is done being built), that my emotions don't wreak havoc over me, and that @Sparkles and @SilverFox have a blessed marriage and a great honeymoon. :)
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    Praying for you and your family, @Sonshine.
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    You're a trooper, Sonshine! We're definitely praying for y'all, and will double down on it as you go through this stressful transition. Let us know if we can help in any way!
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    Hoping and praying for you, hon! I check my messages on here at least a few times a day if you need anybody while you're going through all these changes. <3
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    Thanks, everyone!
    And, @andrew , your family has been such a blessing to me! Thank you! :)
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    Our pleasure!