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    I hope that no one finds this offensive or judgmental, but having a goal of achieving an extra wife is not the way to go about this.

    Make your goal to become the strongest, most YHWH-following, emotionally healthy family that you can possibly be. Then, maybe, YHWH will use you to minister to one of His daughters.
    Everything must be about what He wants, His plans for everyone's lives.
    I believe that tough times are a-coming and we must become the best that we can be.
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    my nightmare woman came from big mistake
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  3. IshChayil

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    I'm thinking pretty seriously of making a service with special emphasis on matching Filipinas to Plural Marriage families (most likely to Western countries).
    The reason is the need here as I've mentioned in other posts. The problem? How the heck do you get a 2nd or 3rd or nth wife to a Western country without doing a "divorce one wife to get the other there"?
    I remember you mentioning something before about the gov't should be out of marriage all together, which I agree with.

    BTW would love to join the retreats; if we were in the states it'd be so (comparatively) easy.
    I'm still hoping to have one here in the Philipines this year.
    Even if it's just like 5 families or something.
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    same word in Hebrew ...
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    It's certainly a good idea, but very difficult practically. Even legal marriage is far from guaranteed to work. Here's a sad story of a monogamous couple in New Zealand where the wife is right now facing deportation to Hong Kong because the immigration bureaucrats have decided they want to deport her, but won't say why, her legal marriage means absolutely nothing.

    Work visas may be more successful. A career-minded Filipina woman who was suitably qualified to obtain a work visa in a Western country could work towards permanent residency entirely through her career, with no official mention of relationship status at all. But at the same time, an unofficial polygamous marriage would be perfect for her, as it gives a woman the freedom to pursue a career knowing that her children can be cared for by a sisterwife and not end up in daycare. Might be an excellent arrangement for a Western family where the first wife wishes to remain at home. This is a niche situation, but you may know of particular women who would be interested in following this route, and those women you could put in touch with suitable families.
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    Are Ahab, Hesed, & Raham in Hebrew, the same word in English?

    And are they the same meaning if so?

    This is an honest question (and definitely not to be considered contention) about applying the native language to the audience...

    Translations are a fickle thing:)
  7. IshChayil

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    Horrible situation in that article.
    Yeah your idea I think would work regarding upwardly mobile Filipinas ... maybe.
    Certainly makes the niche of polygamous believers even smaller...
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    I can only give you, and others, my personal thoughts based on my personal experiences of over 30 years of believing, dumb mistakes, and a couple biblical examples. After search myself for years and make multiple mistakes, including my first wife asking me to leave, estranged but not divorced. I am now with my present wife who is very supportive, understanding, encouraging, and probably wants a SW for us more than I do. I personally, as a man, husband, and Son believe it would be best to allow your wife a more, if not most involved role in "the search." She will tend to be more objective. Men tend to be visual, which gets in the way of the most important issues. First being, does she believe the same. Do you all have the same moral absolute. Might seem silly, but if yours is an evangelical belief and her's is based on the belief of the Hmong people of Laos; then it has a good chance of failing. Yes, the Hmong people believe in PM. Second, is everyone being able to work together to Love each other? Is real Love paramount in the relationship? As I've mentioned before, without real Love our faith is meaningless. Third is, new or potential relationships are like a life's journey. Many look only at the journey we are embarking on. Everyone of us brings a suitcase of life's journey that we've been on. They go with us to every new journey. I try to teach young people, "We all have baggage we bring to the relationship(s). We all must be willing to open your baggage and share it ALL. Good and bad." If not, then we are not really applying Love correctly. Now looking through each other's baggage does not mean to be judgmental, but to allow us to Lovingly understand what each of us has to help with. My first wife kept secrets and blind sided me regularly. Lynn and I had hours of conversations on our baggage before. With Real Love there is always honesty. These are just a few to think about. There are more. In the OT there were examples of the wife taking a more lead role in the search. Sarah with Haggar, which didn't work out well. Then there was Abigail and David, that was a good one. Finally, remember this, "All poor decisions are made in haste." I think you are in the best, forum or "chat room" that will prevent you from most of the mistakes others have made and sometimes have had to live with a long time. Hope this helps.
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    Interesting! I've got Hmong neighbors right across the street from me and several more families on our street
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    Yes, I worked with a very interesting Hmong gentleman when I worked in Marion, Indiana. Just be "neighborly" and see if they are willing to talk. They are known as the mountain people. I would do some history studying first. To give you fuel for a very interesting conversation(s).
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    The Hmong were very brave and fierce allies during the Vietnam war. They hated communists and were a very effective fighting force, especially considering their woefully inadequate arms.
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    Hmong have my utmost respect.

    Also, I believe inroads have been made with the gospel both here in the states and back in their homelands.
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    Not to discount your pain and I'm not familiar with the site... but to be fair your experience with that lady could be anecdotal right?
    I mean I'm assuming didn't breed her in a lab... sometimes sites get blamed for free will.
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    Yes, my friend was paid a dollar per day to fight the communists. He is a very calm person, but so are most warriors. Like a lion, relaxed until he's cornered.
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    Not to discount your pain and I'm not familiar with the site... but to be fair your experience with that lady could be anecdotal right?
    I mean I'm assuming didn't breed her in a lab... sometimes sites get blamed for free will.

    thats why i think a matchmaker type site with the site people following up with the members would spot the problems and head them off before they get too bad