Fall 2017 Retreat, November 17-19, Central Texas

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  1. MeganC

    MeganC Well-Known Member Female

    One of my email friends is going with his new wife and I didn't even know he was on BF!

    I hope you all have fun! :)
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  2. Curtis Gerhart

    Curtis Gerhart Well-Known Member Male

    :p:D:p:D:pJust tooooo funny!!
  3. Curtis Gerhart

    Curtis Gerhart Well-Known Member Male

    More fuuuuunny!
  4. andrew

    andrew Administrator Staff Member Male

    We're down to it. Today and tomorrow and then we lose the group rate. (Please don't make me ask the hotel for favors because you waited until the last minute unless you really have a practical reason to wait until the last minute. If you do really have a practical reason to wait until the last minute and your time opens up and it looks like you are able to attend, please let me know, and I'll see what I can do.)

    Please book today or tomorrow (if you haven't already) if you're planning to attend and know that now. A good crew is onboard already; come join us if you can!
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  5. andrew

    andrew Administrator Staff Member Male

    Okay, for all that, talked with the hotel today, and they'll still honor the group rate through this week. If anybody hasn't made a reservation yet, please go ahead and take care of that.

    Any questions about agenda, please PM.
  6. IshChayil

    IshChayil Esteemed Member Male

    Hey, I know you guys usually try to be unplugged at the retreats but I had an idea.
    What if you had a dedicated "B.F. Skype computer" where those of us who can not attend could call in and get some face time virtually with various attendees?
  7. andrew

    andrew Administrator Staff Member Male

    Great idea, and I have no idea who would facilitate it. I usually have my hands full and get just a few hours of sleep a night at retreats. Somebody else would have to make that happen.

    On the flip side, we can skype anytime, and the time we have in meatspace at retreats is limited to the point of being precious. It might make more sense to just skype more between retreats.

    Just thinking out loud. More as we go....
  8. Russell

    Russell New Member Male

    Oh yeah, we're coming! Can't wait to meet ya'll in Austin!!
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  9. Ruthie

    Ruthie New Member Female

    What are the ages of your children?
  10. Kevin

    Kevin Esteemed Member Male

    My kids were going to stay at my mom's for the weekend till they found out yours were going to be there now they want to go with us.
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  11. Verifyveritas76

    Verifyveritas76 Moderator Staff Member Male

    Our kids range from 10 to 17. 3 girls, 1 boy. This will be our 2nd retreat this year and the first for the kids.

    I'm not sure what all activities have been planned for them if any. If I remember correctly, the summer retreat is the one that's geared more toward families rather than couples w/ older children due to its location and facilities.
    Andrew would know more about the advisability of bringing younger kids. Not trying to discourage anyone as I'm not read in on that aspect of the retreat, but it may be advisable to check with Andrew or Ginny.
  12. julieb

    julieb Women's Ministry Staff Member Female

    VVV76, is correct about the kid activities for hotel retreats. We sometimes can work it out that the meeting space can be separated for the kids but usually they are corralled in one of the guest rooms to talk, play games or watch a movie. We have a lot of teenagers now so they are able to swim or hang in the lobby area without supervision. They are also a big help in watching the younger kids for us, along with some parent check-ins.

    @Kevin you are certainly welcome to bring the kids just keep all that I just said in mind. Also, it is very helpful to bring toys and games your kids like to play with.
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  13. andrew

    andrew Administrator Staff Member Male

    What Julie said + the 'recommended donation' if you're bringing younger kids is that either you or Jessica volunteer for a shift with the littles during one of the sessions. Community-sponsored child care....
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  14. cnystrom

    cnystrom Well-Known Member Male

    Weather forecast:

    Friday: Partially Cloudy, High of 80, Low of 66
    Saturday: Partially Cloudy, High of 73, Low of 44
    Sunday: Sunny, High of 64, Low of 42

    The small hotel swimming pool is not heated but "temperature controlled". I do not know what that means.
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  15. Verifyveritas76

    Verifyveritas76 Moderator Staff Member Male

    Just noticed this as the Missus and I were looking over the thread! I’m pretty sure thats not a typo! Charity said it stands for Va Va Voom! I think she’s associating it with the 8 hour trip we’ll take Friday that will probably be accomplished in less time than that! :cool::rolleyes::D
  16. steve

    steve Esteemed Member Male

    A little birdie dun tole me that it’s bein dadgum awesome.
  17. Mikki G.

    Mikki G. Well-Known Member Female

    Have fun y'all. Hopefully we can make the next one
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  18. Well loved wife

    Well loved wife Well-Known Member Female

    Your little birdie be tellen da truth:p
  19. Verifyveritas76

    Verifyveritas76 Moderator Staff Member Male

    Don't have much time now to post but thought I'd just say that it was one of the most enjoyable, relaxing weekends I've had in a long time. I always enjoy getting to worship and spend time with my BF family but this one was exceptionally good.

    I remarked to my fam on the ride home that it felt just like when we say goodbye to my brothers and their families :)

    The kids absolutely loved it and have already been asking about going to the next one.
  20. Verifyveritas76

    Verifyveritas76 Moderator Staff Member Male