Has polygamy expired?

Discussion in 'Marriage Issues' started by sun, Mar 11, 2017.

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    @sun - I was going to begin disputing the article, but when I read it was referencing the Qur’an, I stopped reading. It is simply not worth my time when the beginning of their assumptions starts with something I don't agree with.
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    Not trying to be mean, but this is an Islamic-centered post, so it's not something we can dialogue on very easily.

    However, the argument that I read (I didnt read the whole thing) was that polygamy is outdated by modern circumstances. I don't think most on here would argue the "necessity" of polygamy. We tend to dwell on God's permissiveness, acceptance, even promotion of it ( in certain circumstances)

    In our socialist, welfare state, the "necessity" of any woman to marry is probably outdated because she can have an instant monetary provision when she births a child. The State becomes her husband providing food, shelter, and medical care. So, why not argue that marriage is outdated!

    In or godless society, we hinder biblical marriage in favor of de facto polygamy through no fault divorce, and encourage harlotry under the guise of a sexual revolution.
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    While a woman can seek provision of material needs from a State "husband", that would still leave her without the spiritual covering and relationship for which she was created.
    Any mandate against polygyny leaves many women either at the mercy of men who don't qualify as husband material, or bereft of the relationship that they were designed for. Is. 4:1 refers to that state of being as a reproach, or shame.

    So until we "progress" to the place where we have more genuinely qualified men available than women, poly will not be outdated.
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