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    Blindness and deafness are willful handicaps for many in churches. It's the inconveniences of the truth of scripture that causes them to put up walls.
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    LOL. Freudian slip?

    If God wants me to tame another wife maybe he will bring one to me, too? :)

    HAHA unreal. Oops!

    I really appreciated all your commentary--I couldn't agree more. I am really thankful to have found a group of likeminded individuals. Would love to come to a conference but we're a million miles away in the northeast :/ maybe one day!
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    Nailed it. It's funny...although I genuinely love many of the people in my local church (including the leadership), it is getting progressively more disturbing to notice the errors in teaching and the lack of concern to address them or reform. For as many of you have lost fellowship over this issue, I genuinely believe God is calling people out of this "churchianity" system. And I'm not even against corporate worship. But these pre-packaged, cookie cutter theologies are a huge problem. Once these places post their statements of faith on their websites it's like they behave in a manner as if theyve ACTUALLY figured everything out. When a group of church elders stop learning and growing in knowledge and the Spirit, and refuse the correction of the Word, that's a massive problem.

    I really hope that this movement continues to grow. As far as we're all concerned...how blessed are we to have been chosen to have this truth revealed to us?!
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    Oh and as for my music thank you guys for the listen--glad you enjoyed :)
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    I also attend brick and mortar "church". You never get a perfect congregation, but if you can find one that is willing to grow and challenge each other, then you have found a good thing.
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    Very exceeding much.
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    For one who served the church as pastor teacher, continuing to learn and grow (and coming to the conviction that polygyny was as acceptable as monogamy) led to me being excommunicated. I've seen posts here on BF where it's been mentioned that a church leader accepts polygyny but won't take a stand for it because it will cost him..... that's exactly the case. But standing up for the truth has always been difficult. These guys should read the gospels and see what upholding the truth led to for our Lord and Saviour! He was more than just a little counter-cultural in His day and His word remains just as counter-cultural today. What I find so troubling is how counter-cultural the Bible is to many who claim to be followers of the Saviour.
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    I have seen this too and it disturbs me. I don't object to being clear about what you believe, but they always think they've arrived; and so harden themselves to the Holy Spirit.

    And it doesn't end there; by-laws, vision statements, covenants, etc. I've even seen a few churches with rules that would exclude Christ himself from fellowship.

    I pray your studies with the people there bear fruit. Just be mentally prepared for it all to blow up and get you kicked out. Sadly most people are culturally Christian and not interested in the truth. Theology is just a weapon used to build kingdoms and navigate hierarchies.
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    And then all of the apostles except perhaps John.
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    My dearest PasdionatePatriarch,
    Reaalllllly Loved all that you said. I have lived virtually the same things you have spoken of. Now fast forward to 58 years old, my soon to be age. Not only do I Love what you have stated and claimed; I have Lived it. Yes it should be very easy to present the case for polygyny. It’s origin, the benefits, etc. IMO, this is the greatest stumbling block to seeing this Truth as well as others. . . . religious superstitions. In my 32 years of understanding, sharing, and being convicted of polygyny’s validity, religious superstitions (RS) create a wall preventing even greater understanding about polygyny. I have experienced that religious superstitions (Catholics, Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, etc, etc) prevent our growth or more revelations from God. You will hopefully see in time, the more truth you discover, then the more God’s Word (absent of RS) will call for a total separation from unbelief. The greatest stumbling block I have seen being majoring on a minor. When I first understood this “minor” subject I let it become a major. Ohhh the problems. In your search for understanding, be it polygyny, the Holy Spirit, the gifts, or any other Truth, please keep one subject first and foremost in your pursuits: 1Corinthians 13. Arguements will be shorter and less. Truths will come more often, clearer, and deeper. And religious superstitions will be more absent. I know this because after presenting polygyny and numerous other Truths that conflicted with religious superstitions, I was asked to leave many of the superstitious religions mentioned earlier and have lived outside of religions for almost 32 years by God’s grace. As I have also learned from 1 Corinthians 13, it is best to have my Love right and doctrine wrong, than having my Love wrong and doctrine right. It matters not what Truth(s) I may have, it will mean nothing if Love is a minimum and not my “maximum.” Bless you Son, you have a great life ahead of you.
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    Hi, and welcome from NC!
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    Brother Curtis! I really appreciate your wisdom shared here. You are right--how we conduct ourselves when presenting this truth to the body of Christ particularly is of supreme importance. I've already got sucked into some heated debates where I've allowed myself to cater to my flesh and get defensive rather than diffusing the conversation and maybe suggesting that the person come back to me when they are less prone to getting upset. So definitely your words do not fall on deaf ears! Will be praying for continued sanctification in that regard. God bless you bro!
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    Thanks brother!
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    Most important is you are growing in His grace. There will probably be many times you will have wished conversations would have been better or more productive for the Kingdom. We all make mistakes, but if you are learning then they are forgotten. Again, welcome to a great site. 30 years ago there was not a site like this. Most have endured many lessons, mistakes, beatings, murders (spiritual), failed relationships, and abuses from those we “assumed” would see what was revealed to us. Here you will find much support and learning to prevent many hurtful abuses. God bless you Son and when you and you beautiful Bride can make it to a retreat, I am sure many would Love see you and enjoy the fellowship. Keep Love first! :)
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    ...murders (actual)...
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    actual beatings and murders?
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    Don't know about any beatings, aware of two murders, but those were intra-family. I don't want to derail Curtis's post, let alone PassionatePatriarch's intro thread, but I don't know who's already seen this, so I don't want to just delete comments and try to disappear this, making it weirder than it already is. A brief word is in order:

    I probably didn't need to say anything at all. Curtis's point was in re persecution, versus the support available here, and I don't know of anyone (yet) in the past 20 years who has been actually murdered as an act of religious persecution. So the remark logically was off point.

    I piggybacked (or maybe springboarded) off Curtis's comment "to prevent many hurtful abuses". Doesn't get more hurtful than disposing of a wife who's driving you crazy.

    You know what. I'm going to open another thread to say the next part; I want to give PasPat his thread back. It's sufficient in this context to say that I agree with Curtis, that there is much opposition and hostility out there, some of it a lot more harmful than mere disrespect and social rejection, and this group is an oasis in the desert.

    I'll come back and post a link after I start another thread.
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    Okay, done. New thread is open here.
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    Add to that, that this forum doesn't automatically shut you down over asking sincere questions. I, as well as others, will police the forums to ensure folks aren't using the forum as a platform to spew hateful nonsense, but it's pretty free and open here. Doctrine, applications, and doubts are all welcomed to be discussed in a civil manner.

    Well, it can get heated around here sometimes, but most of us assume we're passionate...without the name in our forum name;)
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    My Brother(s),
    You did not take anything from my post. What you posted are very real possibilities and occurrences, which only add to the growth of others. Standing for real Truth(s) are always fraught with much danger, and yes, even death. IMO, the worst being character assasination. All we do here is to add to. I guess some of us old geezers that have Believed polygyny for a long time have seen and endured the injurious nature’s of suspected believers. On an aside, I have been in contact and talking with Dr. William F. Luck, Sr. He was gracious enough to share with me a book of his in Word form, which I believe also is unpublished. It is 507 pages. It is quit impressive. I would consider it a great tutorial on defending polygyny and add to this discussion. Bring a flash drive, if anyone wants a copy. Back to the point. We most be aware of what we are up against. Putting our experiences and understandings here are vital to every one. My father taught me, “The 3 most important elements to any relationship (business or personal) is communication, communication, and communication. The 3 most important elements in communication is listening, listening, and listening.” This forum, whether we agree with a post or not gives each person the venue to express value added, nurturing exchange of ideas. It allows communication to thrive. When people’s communication attempts are not fully driven by Love for others, then it is simply abusive. Many here, Brothers and Sisters, have been witnesses of this abuse when we bring up “the P word.” Finally Andrew, you did not take any thunder from my post. You added! Shalom.
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