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Discussion in 'Problems and Solutions' started by UntoldGlory, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. NetWatchR

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    I found that 15 bedroom. It's here at ePlans. Not that big, "only" 6,000 sqft. :D

    Anyway... Hey, UG, love that design. Any chance you can throw it my way?
  2. UntoldGlory

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    Yeah no worries, just pm me whatever email you want me to send the file to.

    Man that place is huge. Not really obnoxious though, it's really just a nice home that has an astounding number of bedrooms. Like, it doesn't have a million extra rooms like libraries and ballrooms and such.

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    Have anyone heard of the Lennar Homes? Here is the website... www.lennar.com These homes are made as a home inside of a home...
  4. UntoldGlory

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    Never heard of them. Apparently they don't build in Nebraska either. :(

    ADHERE Active Member

    I'm from the big apple... So I would have to move a few states over to buy one of these homes, which we are considering.
  6. NetWatchR

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    That's why I liked it. And as you can see the perimeter can be easily modified for literally any thing.

    And PM sent...
  7. UntoldGlory

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    Ok, I'll have to send it from my home computer tonight.
  8. NetWatchR

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    Hexagon is another avenue to peruse.

    You can have a Main cell which would have your Living Room, kitchen, etc and off the edge of one or two sides you can have a separate cell that can be a master, cluster of smaller bedrooms, what have you.

    Here is an example I just found. http://www.coolhouseplans.com/details.h ... =chp-19987
    3 cells making up the garage, living area and bedroom. Expand to your needs...

    here's another neat one. http://www.topsiderhomes.com/collection ... an=CM-0203
    Ignoring the pedestal part, it is two large cells with the living area in the central connector. 4 bedroom 2 bath, as-is. Now imagine, the east and west cells each being a separate Master with a third cell going north for the kids.

    You get the idea. Hexagon allows a lot more options than just a big box with smaller boxes inside.

    One more. This one gets a mention simply because of the... audacity? I found this by simply doing a search for "polygamist house floor plan". This one has a second story for multiple wives with each having a small separate apartment-like setup. The image is from what looks like a web book called "Banquet of Roses - A plural marriage romance trilogy". You never know what you might find....
  9. UntoldGlory

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    The hexagons are definitely cool, and more interesting than "nested boxes", I just did a big rectangle because that's least expensive from a construction standpoint. That last place from the story is huuuuuuuuge!
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    There are a couple details I don’t mind sharing. I’m not comfortable with putting my entire floor plans on a public forum but I will share a couple clips and a little info. Our house is not all that uncommon, it is around 3,500 sq ft. We have two children’s bedrooms, a girls room and a boys room, each room can comfortably handle six children. We have a living room, family room, and a lower level that has room for another bedroom or so if needed.

    The main details for me are our master suite, shown below, which has a large bedroom and bath, a sitting area extra room and half bath. We also have a large gourmet kitchen, shown below, the arrangement creates a few work areas. We cook as a family and I imagine that will continue as the family grows. In the dinning room is our table which seats sixteen.

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  11. UntoldGlory

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    Very nice! I do like the laundry off of the master bath like that. Also the kitchen island with a sink. Very nice space overall!
  12. NetWatchR

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    Nice indeed. My wife would love that kitchen.
  13. NetWatchR

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    It seems that one of the plans I linked is no longer there. I'm attaching copies of the others here in case they go away too.

    fl1.gif CM-0203.gif GHD280-LVL1-LI-BL-LG.GIF
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    Quick question; are we teaching our boys building trades, like the basics about plumbing, heating and air, alternative home construction methods(not necessarily stud framing)???
  15. Sonny Chancelor

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    Were nomadic peoples ignorant of building castles in which to live?
  16. ZecAustin

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    We do a lot of building with found materials. In recent years that has still been stud framing though because we find so many studs.