Houses That Change The World

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    A free Rough draft PDF of the Book

    For awhile I've had an Issue about finding a Church for me and my family. I'm in a town where there are 212 registered churchs. From my house within 10 blocks there are 6 churches. In 3 months ive been to 23 Churches whether for Sunday service, wedsday bible studies or tuesday men groups and left each frustrated. I slipped and let this frustration show recently. A wise freind ;) reminded me of a book they had suggested awhile back ago. I wish I would have read it then, it's one of those books that puts things in perspective. It reminded me of what the purpose of fellowship is and what a group of Christian brothers and sisters can accomplish when they're not restricted to location and have the freedom to choose their own direction. I put it up there with Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream another great book I just reread. Check it out for yourselves.
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    As the issue of “going to church” has been an issue on my heart recently, I thank you for sharing this.
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    Everybody at Biblical Families should read that book. We're not going to save the Titanic; it's time to start working on our lifeboats.
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    Excellent analogy. That galvanizes some things I've been thinking about. Thank you.
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