Hurricane Irma

Discussion in 'Prayer Requests' started by andrew, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. andrew

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    Please join me in praying for Nathan and his family and anyone else we know in Florida. Sorry this is sort of late, but I've been traveling this weekend. They're probably getting the worst of it right about now, but if you see this tonight or tomorrow, please pray for their safety.
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  2. joe88

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    I have been thinking of them as soon as I saw the storm's path. We are praying for them.
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  3. windblown

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  4. andrew

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    Ah, yeah. What about y'all, @windblown? Radar looks like maybe it's in y'all's backyard now....

    Report from Nathan is that they had some leaks and some roof damage, and a boat dock that ended up in their back yard, but are physically safe and not flooded out. He didn't mention the power being off, so I'm assuming it's still on.
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    We came through like the champions we are! Or at least like regular people who are very excited about a stiff breeze that really was causing a surprisingly dramatic sway in a number of the mid sized trees. We did lose power until around 4 pm on Wednesday but it really was just a lot of fun for us. The freezer never even defrosted.
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  7. Shibboleth

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    Worst SHTF practice run ever.
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