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  1. dixieprincess

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    I love God! Always have! When I was younger I went to church. As I got older I grew away from church, now that I’m a little bit older(22) I want to find my self an develope a better relationship with my Heavenly Father. I’m drawn to the idea of a poly relationship. (Not sure why) I’ve had dreams about being poly. It’s a bit strange. But I feel like it’s a true calling from God! But there’s a slight problem I live in Kentucky an honestly I don’t even know anyone who is poly or any religions that allow poly marriages.! So I’m really just trying to find a church family and friends. People to help me grow in Christ!
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  2. frederick

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    Well, hi there dixieprincess. I'm not in Kentucky but welcome to BF.
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    Thank you. :)
  4. Kevin

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    Hello welcome to BF there's a Ladies chat Tuesdays at 6:30 eastern time. Theyre friendly and can answer a lot of your questions. The Forum is full of usefully info and if you have questions just ask trust me there's enough opinions here you'll get an answer.
  5. JessicaP

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    Welcome to BF!!!
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    Welcome from another Kentuckian!
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    Welcome! You will find a lot of fellowship here, and possibly some really good friends
    At least I have found that to be so. The moderators especially have proven a great resource to me.

    May the Father lead you in His perfect will in this journey!
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  8. Lili

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    Welcome to the site :)

    I definitely second the suggestion to check out the chat on Tuesdays!
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    Welcome aboard!
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    Love the username... Dixie Princess
    Barukh Haba-ah
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  12. rustywest4

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    Welcome and Shalom!
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  13. FollowingHim2

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    Hi there dixieprincess, welcome aboard! The ladies chat is 7.30pm eastern (not 6.30) on Tuesday nights, we'd love you to join us.
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    Welcome welcome! Hope you enjoy it here!
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    Well hello dixieprincess!
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  16. dixieprincess

    dixieprincess New Member Female

    you guys are awesome. Thank you for being so welcoming!
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  18. jkstrick

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    Welcome, from NC!
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  20. Curtis Gerhart

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    Welcome! You are taking some of the first important steps. Getting closer to the Father always begins with His Word. You will find a vast amount of knowledge, wisdom, and truth here; but more than all so that you will find real Love from most everyone. As I harp on with my family Persue Real Love’s understanding more than anything because without real Love it is destined to fail; with the Father or anyone else. I cannot emphasize enough how great it would be to visit the ladies chat forum, as Kevin and others suggested too. There are many very wise women there. Again, welcome here to where great growth, nurturing, and Love can be found. Oh yes, when you think yourself odd in your thoughts and beliefs know you are in great company. God’s true Believers have always been Oddbalks. Shalom.
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