Is finding a second wife impossible?

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    You nailed it.. Thank you Yahweh!
    Finally... I am smiling over this one, ear to ear.
    That is it.. Steve, That is what I mean by a husband putting his wife(s) and children before himself.. Thank you good sir!!!

    What I was told in prayer was a man that puts others before himself is selfless not selfish.
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    I like that Kevin, well said sir, what I think is what you and Steve said, go hand and hand.. But the reality is, only one can go through the door at a time, are you the kind, that opens the door for his lady to go in first?
    That's is more or less what I am meaning, what kind of guy you're and what kind of women she is... very interesting points of views.

    This made me laugh Shibboleth, only because my wife thought you were literally meaning, to tell your wife(s) and kids to go in front of you through a minefield, lol..
    I am still giggling over explaining you were not talking about that in the literal sense... or were you? lol just kidding.
    back to the brass tacks, I think many are over looking the point that Christ washed Peter's feet, you have the Son of God washing a man's feet, why?
    "Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end." He was selfless not selfish, he didn't walk around and chest bump screaming "I am the Son of God, Obey!"
    No he lead by example.. So as you men, are leading, are you leading by example?

    So to say that a women is under a man, but for a man, to put a lady before himself is respect to a women is it not?
    It doesn't mean a women controls a man, it means a man knows his place enough to treat a women well.. I don't get how this has been this difficult, man I suck at talking on the internet lol..
    Sadly I don't have anymore time to throw my two cents down the wishing well, time for bed then work. Good day/night all.
    Hope I didn't offend anyone for my lack thereof, I am sorry if I did, its not my intentions.

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    Ok I believe I know where your coming from now. There are Chivalrous acts that have been lost to modern times such as opening and holding a door for your wife or complete strangers, pulling out her seat, helping her cross a puddle, Giving your coat to your wife when she’s cold, and sharing an umbrella even though you end up getting wet. I've never seen those things as putting my wife first just as good manners and a way to show her I love her. Here's an real life example of what I think about when it comes to the question of putting my wife first. My wife is a CNA, she is on her feet all day when she is working. I was tending my grandfather's cattle and property, which we lived on. She needed new shoes for work. I needed new boots for work. Our budget was real tight. It hurt me to see her come home and have to soak her feet because she was in pain, but the thing was if she couldn't working all that would happen was our budget would shrink and we'd have to tighten our belts even more. If I didn't work, well we could lose our place and so could my grandparents. I bought my boots first. Even though she had a need and I didn't like seeing her in pain, I had responsibilities that were greater. It just meant I was rubbing her feet every night until we got her some new shoes.
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    Nail on the head good sir.

    I couldn't agree more because of the factors of your grandparents losing everything. Like you said your responsibilities were greater, but the fact you still put your wife before yourself in regards to soaking and rubbing her feet, shows the man you're, or at least in my eyes it does.. and from you doing field work, it is exhausting already, so for you to still do that shows the selflessness within you. I tip my hat to you sir!
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    Zackly Bro! ;)
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    I think the biggest mistake made is for the steward and the stewarded to conflate rights, roles and responsibilities.

    Requests flow upstream, provision flows downstream.
    Request for provision -- :)
    Demand for "provision"--:confused:
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