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  1. MeganC

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    I guess I can keep this pretty simple: Read the blog!

    The blog started partly because my sw Christie encouraged me to have a place to put down my thoughts. I don't think either of us ever thought it would still be there almost nine years later but it is! Crazy!

    One thing: When I first started the blog I tried to use anonymous names for the family and it was just too confusing so like a month into it I just started using their real first names. Hope that doesn't confuse anyone as bad as it confused me!

    One other thing: My blog is NOT monetized!!! I do not make any money from it and I am not using anyone to try to get 'clicks'.
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    I'll put in a good word for it. It's a fascinating glimpse into a working Christian plural assembly/community though it mostly focuses on their family. I've read it all except for anything in the last 6 months or so.

    Good stuff. I'll have to remember to get caught up again
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  3. Kevin

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    All I can say is your a brave women and .....yeah. The way you open up yourself and family. I'm gonna have Jessica read your blog.
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    Have not read it before, but starting to. Very interesting! Thank you for the link.
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    gonna check it out and share it with my wives!
    Thank you
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  6. Ally

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    Your story gives me hope to be able to find a sister wife. I started on you first post back in 2009 and I am intrigued I only got through a few but I am gonna read more. Thank you for sharing.

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  7. Cam

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    I love you! I don't even know you.. but the fact you start from the beginning.. I tip my hat to you!
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    I started from the beginning too!
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  9. Cam

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    I love u too :)