Need prayers my husband is going to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Marriage Issues' started by Broncos4life, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Broncos4life

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    Tomorrow 01/12/2018 my husband leaves for Afghanistan. He will be gone for 400 days so about 13 months. I'm currently 6 months pregnant and I feel so sad, scared, and lonely. Please pray that I'm strong enough to make it through this and be a great mom to our baby. Please pray that God protects my husband and keeps him safe. Lastly please pray that our marriage stays strong and this will make us closer not farther apart. I really appreciate this. Thank you all.
  2. Kevin

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    We'll pray for y'all.
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  3. Verifyveritas76

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    It was so good to meet you both at the retreat. Will be praying for the whole family.
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  4. ZecAustin

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    Praying. I deployed while my former wife was pregnant with our first . It was a good time in life. Tell your husband an old Marine said good luck and keep his head down. You've got this young woman. You were made to keep the home fires burning while daddy goes out and handles business. This will be an amazing time for you.
  5. Lili

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    Praying for you! Remember you always have a supportive group here :)
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  6. Mojo

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  7. cnystrom

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    Will pray for you. Do you have a good support system in place? Family, friends, church? You should not be alone.
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  8. andrew

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    Praying! PM if we can help you in any way.
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  9. Broncos4life

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    I have family Like my mom who will stay with me a lot once baby is born. But all my family live at least an hour away.
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  10. Soldier4Jesus

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    Thank you so much for the kind words everybody.
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  11. IshChayil

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    May the days fly by like a single instant.
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  12. rustywest4

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    Praying for you guys!