November Newsletter Article - Trust

Discussion in 'Biblical Issues Other Than Marriage & Family' started by andrew, Nov 8, 2017.

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    Can you check on my subscription? I do not think I got my newsletter.
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    Sorry for the confusion. Newsletter will go out today or tomorrow; I just went ahead and opened a thread to generate a link to put in the newsletter.
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    Great article this month Andrew. I found it very encouraging.
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    Newsletter is out as of tonight, so if anyone still hasn't received it, please let us know so we can add you to the list.
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    Got mine, thanks heaps Andrew. Excellent article and a good challenge.
  7. steve

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    Well done.
    I had lost sight of what trust truly looks like. Love the definition.
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  8. Kevin

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    The article was great.
    I really think the part on benevolence hit it out of the park.
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  9. Verifyveritas76

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    Loved it
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  10. andrew

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    Thanks, guys. That one's been incubating for awhile; glad I was able to get it out of my head. ;)
  11. Mojo

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    There's a saying that "less is more", and it is true for many things.

    But when it comes to benevolence from a leader...."more is more". You can't outdo it.
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  12. Kevin

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    True oh so true, I got in the habit of getting Jessica one or two of these fancy chocolates she likes whenever I go to the store or rent a romantic comedy when she's off even though I can't stay awake through them. To me it's just a routine now. To her it's like I painted Kevin loves Jessica in John Deer Green (she loved that song) on the water tower across from her work all over again. I know where I need to work on though. It's quality time. I get wrapped in things (books, studying, reading and posting on a certain forum). If she comes to me with a question or problem I stop and Immediately try to answer her question or fix the problem but end up going right back to what I was doing. I know she needs my focused attention more. Most of the time when I do give her my focused attention that's all she wants, not answers to questions or me to fix whatever's wrong. She just needs me to listen and show her she's more important than whatever I may be doing at the time.
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  13. Verifyveritas76

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    Hear! Hear!
    Right now, I’m in a season with soon to be adults who need focused time with me and I am so crazy busy that sometimes things fall through the cracks.

    Focus! Focus! Focus! Prioritize! Prioritize! Prioritize!
    Sometimes, you have to redeem the time because the kids are almost grown:D
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  14. andrew

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    Funny, I was talking with daughter Hannah yesterday and realized that the same trust issues are represented in all authority relationships. Our kids need to know that we hear them and that they matter, we need to know that they are on our team and not just exploiting our provision and care to pursue their own agenda.
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  15. windblown

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    "You get extra points if your initial reaction is to regret making the offer, but you suck it up and do what he asks anyway, just because you know how pleased and grateful he’ll be."

    We got into the faith/works conversation for a bit in our small group last night. Someone said we need to have a joyful heart before we do our deeds/works. I couldn't have disagreed more. Most of the time (for me) it's in the very act of submitting that God gives me happy happy joy joy. :)
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    Great article.

    Ruth Ann noticed that you wrote "More on that later.", but never got back to it. :)
  17. FollowingHim2

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    Great article, Andrew!
    To step it up a notch, are we trusting in God? It's so easy to say we trust Him, but harder to actually do. Childlike faith = childlike trust. Do we trust Him as a child trusts their parent? Sometimes before we can learn to trust, or learn that someone is trustworthy, we have to just go and do it. Leap first, and trust, as scary as that seems.
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