On the value of women

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    A number of the monogamy
    -only advocates I have argued with over the years have used two lines of attack against polygamy that I find contradictory. On the one hand they claim I am devaluing women. On the other hand they will often state that as for them they couldn't handle/put up with/deal with more than one woman.

    For the first argument: who ever heard of a gold hoarder who had no appreciation for the value of gold?

    As to the other: You are the one telling me you couldn't put up with more than one, as if they are some sort of burden that you have to bear all the time. Whereas I gave been so wildly blessed by the experience I want more of a great thing in my life.

    Put in terms of food, as I like food, anyone who ever took a bite of something they didn't like would never want to take a second, let alone a third bite. Someone who is absolutely loving it will keep going back for more. If it can only be found at an expensive restaraunt, you might even be willing to save up for awhile, making sacrifices in other areas of your life, to earn up enough cash to go out from time to time and order another.

    And I'M the one who doesn't value women?! Get real!
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    Touching on "devaluing women", there are two angles I see about that...

    One is proposing that she is devalued by participating in the plural marriage arrangement. This is somewhat subjective, and the MOA could could be pressed to back up that statement with some concrete arguments and not opinion. A counter argument is to ask how her valuation is affected by an outsider saying she is devalued as a result of a free choice she made to participate in a plural marriage. Is that empowering to women (a woman) to say about her that her decision devalued her as if she is so lacking sense as to not see the "fact" of it or do something self-destructive? I am not a fan of the phrase "empowering women" because of the groups that push it and how they use it, but I think it is fine to use in this context of speaking to someone who, I suppose, likes the phrase.

    There is also supply-and-demand. By taking more than one wife, the resource that is the women who are available shrinks and the value of the remaining women goes up due to decreased supply and increased scarcity. So in that way, polygyny increases the value of women. The gold hoarder not only appreciates the value of gold but also increases the value of the remaining gold.

    I really like the idea of observing how that a man, having a wife, and seeing her as one of the greatest gifts God ever gave him, might like the idea of more of that gift. Now, what man could see an angry wife as a blessing? So then that man seeing his wife as a blessing and wanting more, is almost certainly going to want her completely on board with the idea of a second wife, and would not force polygyny on her. So thus painting the picture of the hopeful polygynist to that certain MOA, might help to reverse the various misimpressions that said MOA is laboring under. If that MOA is able to hear, they might be thus softened or persuaded.. or at least some wind taken out of their sails.

    I feel bad for these men who apparently do not see their respective wives as one of the greatest gifts God ever gave them. It is sad that they then apparently project their doleful situation onto others.
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    I think projection is the right word. They are currently miserable with one, more than one would doubtlessly involve more misery.
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    The problem with an unhealthy relationship is that is not healthy, therefore not scalable, miserable after a while.
    If people are adopting the wrong roles from modern engineered pop culture and not our creator's leading, life will be unhealthy.
    Our creator has a different model that most are not willing to live by. We are flooded with disfunción from media and modern self culture.
    Confusion of faces. Most men and women don't know our roles in family anymore. They enemy's goal is to fractionize or divide people, so we can be better controlled and enslaved from the top.
    Biblical family roles are what's scalable, also what's under attack from the spirit of the age. Does that make sense?

    Women and family are precious. Families need headship and protection, direction.
    Not easy in today's culture environment.
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    Decided to take up my rant again today: On the value of women: Why is it that so many feminists need to measure their value against men? They insist they are just as good as men. They insist they cay do everything a man can do. In doing so, they naturally create a distinction by attempting to claim there is none. Why measure everything against the standard of a man if man isn't the golden standard? I am not saying we, as men, are. I just fail to see the internal consistency of the argument. Women shouldn't be obsessed with measuring themselves against men. To do so inherently devalues the place of women in society. In fact, I would suggest that it isn't entirely healthy even for women to measure themselves against other women. Or for men to do that overly much. Can we be inspired by others? Sure. We can learn from the successes and failures of those around us, male or female, young or old. We can gain wisdom, understanding, etc.
    I would suggest, however, that each of us look to the Bible for a standard, the Father for guidance, the Messiah for an example, and try to be closer to Him than we were the day before.
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    Great point. The only people who really believe with all their hearts in the inferiority of femininity are . . . feminists! :eek:
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