Overcoming Objections To Plural Marriage: Topic 7

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    Indeed, and agreed. You're just nitpicking my use of "never", which I thoroughly deserve. :p

    Last comment from me: I think my prioritizing the local assembly, besides simply the definition of the word assembly, has to do with a bit of a Goldilocks approach (too large, too small, just right), and the idea that in the local assembly is where we live out the reality of what all this means. Seeing myself individually as the bride of Christ (He's the head of every man, right?) or seeing myself as an abstract component of an abstraction doesn't really get me anywhere IRL. Seeing myself as a member of his body, that body (of which He is the head) being the local assembly, which is one of his many brides, provides a frame of reference that actually provides direction and motivation IRL.

    It is precisely through our assembling together as an ekklesia—that gathering of citizens/members called together to handle the business of the community—that we men most practically experience the headship of Christ over his body and his husbanding of his wife (whichever wife/body we happen to identify with and be a member of).

    That's just me. YMMV. ;)
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