Please pray for Melissa....

Discussion in 'Prayer Requests' started by JessicaP, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. JessicaP

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    I work with a lady her name is Melissa she was pregnant with twins...she lost them both last week something to do with a fever...I don't know much but she was all alone and I know she is hurting physically and emotionally
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  2. Verifyveritas76

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    So sad. Praying
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  3. Flutterbug

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    I have and Will Be Praying for her , And The Baby's That were apart of her. I pray she is Comforted By knowing that her Baby's Are with God in his Loving arm's now. I pray that She is able to find Comfort and Love with people she may not even know are there for her during this time. That She is able to hold fast and Firm to Our Father in Heaven in his Love and Knowledge directly from him and She is able to feel and know his Love Esp. During this time . Or as soon as possible.
    I am sure she must feel completely forgotten and isolated no matter how many people love her. It's an Emptiness like no other...
    I am so Glad that she is blessed enough to have you guy's her life !
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  4. ZecAustin

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  5. Red4252

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    MY god bless her and I will pray
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  6. Soldier4Jesus

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    Very sorry to hear this. She must be beside herself with grief. As my beloved wife and I anticipate the arrival of our newest member of the family, my heart goes out to your friend Melissa. A loss like that would surely be devestating. She will be in our thoughts and our prayers. J&E
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  7. dixieprincess

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    Oh my. This is so sad! I will be praying for her!
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  8. Joleneakamama

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    I've kinda been there. Will certainly be keeping her in prayer. Thanks for letting us know about her situation.
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