Shalom from AZ

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  1. Yahoshua Picott

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    Hello/Shalom everybody my name is Joshua I’m new to this place and all of this, I’ve been a friend of Jacob Haivri for some time looking forward to meeting you all, and most likely attending the west coast retreat.
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  2. FollowingHim2

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    Welcome! I'm glad you're intending on attending the retreat, that's a really great start and you'll get some great advice and make good friends there.
  3. FollowingHim

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    This year's west coast retreat has had to be cancelled unfortunately. But welcome, and there are certainly other opportunities to meet with people in person.
  4. Mojo

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  5. Verifyveritas76

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    Welcome! Welcome! Glad to have you.
  6. aineo

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    Welcome - it's good to have you join us here.
  7. Yahoshua Picott

    Yahoshua Picott New Member Male

    Thank you all.
  8. Yahoshua Picott

    Yahoshua Picott New Member Male

    Thank you too aineo, for that extra insight of truth.
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  9. ZecAustin

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    Welcome. Good to have fresh blood.
  10. rustywest4

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    What it do Joshua... :cool: Welcome Brothah!