Should polygamist test the law?

Discussion in 'Seekers' started by PolyPride, Jul 2, 2015.

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    Recently, the United States Supreme Court approved of gay marriage. Now people are asking if polygamy is next. Should polygamists start testing the laws by going ahead and applying for marriage licenses state-by-state regardless of what the law says? Take this man for example... ... g-license/
    There's also some video footage of the family applying for a 2nd marriage license.
  2. UntoldGlory

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    Yes, I'd say so. The time is right and people are primed. Hard for them to cheer equality then say: "but not you"
  3. PolyPride

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    I definitely agree.

    I read another article that mentioned the couple did not sign the application for the marriage license so that way no one can call it bigamy. He went there to question the basis for denying him a 2nd marriage license. Luckily someone was video taping the whole incident and the county staff seemed unsure of themselves.
  4. Jason

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    My wife went to work the weekend after the supreme court ruling, and a friend of hers who happens to be gay excitedly said "Guess what? I can get married now!"

    My wife said "I still can't."

    Her friend processed that for a second, then said "Yeah, but that (polygamy) is weird."

    We laughed about it, knowing the personality of her friend, but it just goes to show the double standard that exists.

    Personally, I do hope the law is challenged by polygamist families with a lot of resources to keep them going through a long fight. But I think my highest hope for that isn't legal recognition. I think the government getting out of the marriage license business altogether might be more practical for them.
  5. ZecAustin

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    I agree with Jason. I want the government out all together.
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    For One thing: "government is NEVER going to get out of marriage license business."Government is a business and marriage license is part of it's business. It's selling you permission to do a thing, which is otherwise illegal. Is it illegal to get married without the government's permission? It's only illegal for UNITED STATES CITIZENS to get married without a license. Do your homework, are you a UNITED STATES CITIZEN, if you're not, leave their copyrighted, codes, statutes, ordinances, constitutions, and treaties, to those that it applies too. Most people create their own problems through their own ignorance of the law. I've been married for more than a total of 48 years, and have never had a problem with government concerning the women. Leave the licenses to the UNITED STATES CITIZENS, which they apply, or fight the government the rest of your life. "It's God's Law or chaos."
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    I don't see the point in it. The secular world will always oppose us in some way, any victory in this area would be tainted by something else being taken away. For instance, they might agree to polygamy provided everyone was completely equal in role and institute some parallel laws outlawing patriarchy to ensure polygamy wasn't abusive, meaning even more people would be breaking the law. They give with one hand and take away twice as much with the other.

    The systems of this world are passing away anyway.

    We have a much higher and more important calling, to spread the message of salvation.

    Note that I used to think political activism was a great idea, I actually stood for parliament once, and my grandfather did several times. Been there, done that, seen the light...
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    I would go a step farther and say it is time to start imagining our lives outside of the broader society, think Amish. I'm not saying that we have to eschew technology but the Amish have found a way to keep a distinct culture separately inside a much larger, almost overwhelming and hostile environment. We're not going to be able to function in our faith and in this culture though.
  9. FollowingHim

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    That's my general approach these days too. Keep your head down, live within the system without causing a fuss, focus on what is more important.

    If needed, use the system to be left alone even more. For instance if anyone official starts bothering you about a second wife ask the official if they're really going to discriminate against your wife's lesbian partner over her sexuality... :D Note the careful wording there, no lies, no claim she is a lesbian partner, just a question that should get them off your tail immediately...
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    That was funny Samuel.
  11. Jack P.

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    Maybe I am missing something? The only reason you need a license is to prove you are married, ie insurance, retirement, loans and such things.
    Next I have heard some states have cohabitation laws. What? I mean what? I don't see how this is possible. If I own my house, pay my taxes , and my wife and I ( the one whom I have a license with), choose to let a room or more of our house out to another it isn't anyone else's business. And by anyone I mean the government and nosy neighbors.

    This is no different than students sharing a place or soldiers all living in the same house to save money. Personally when I was younger I lived in many different places that had all kinds of different roommates married couples, single females, single males. The police never said a thing about who was living there, as a matter of a fact all they ever did say is turn down the music and get the cars off the lawn.

    With this in mind, looking at it through this light, the only way they would want to ( or be forced to ) say something is if you are shining a bad light on them as a city - county

    Also if in public If I would be seen with a women other than the one the state says I am married to, well if my "legal" wife knows about it. Who is wrong? I haven't broken the law. And if she knows I am not "cheating" so the busy bodies can call the legal wife ( imagine their surprise when she replies I know).

    So live what the lord has given you. We don't have to stand on the roof tops and shout that we have more than one wife. I compare this to the gay community that feel it necessary to announce to the world every chance they get "I AM GAY" I personally I don't want to know. And I don't care, I think that most other people don't want to know. I treat everyone the same no matter who or how many others they may live with. I just feel that people that insist on announcing to the world what goes on in their home, well that they are wanting some kind of special treatment.

    So with that in mind I defer to, do not pray in public nor proclaim the good deeds you have done, because if you are praised for that on earth then you will miss the blessing in heaven. We are suppose to do as commanded to please the lord, not to receive praise from other men.

    I believe ( and my beliefs my change, but for now) that we are to go about our lives in the manner we have been called, to please the Lord. Not to brag about what a wonderful human we are because we are living in a manner that is other than why is considered " normal"

    So if we are so quick to say what goes on in our bed rooms is private. ( with in the relationships) why would we want to draw attention to our house?

    In conclusion I say or ask this. It is a religion freedom and a question of free speech which both are protected rights under the American Constitution (applies only to USA citizens) therefor I believe any prosecutor that was met in private ( not in the public forum, TV News) would not want that fight in a court room. In today's political climate to be known as the when who is trying to suppress right the free speech and religious freedom. Not good news for the campaign trial.

    All of this is of corse is assuming that your house is with in the law in all other matters. So I submit this for your consideration. ( nod to TV show twilight zone)

    Corey Deo
    Jack P.
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    Well said Jack
  13. rustywest4

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    Haha! You rock Samuel! Use the liberals rhetoric against them, brilliant tactics! [FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY]
  14. cubanito

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    About testing the law.. If you do you find out how messed up things really are..
    But we are supposed to be a free to chose these things as adults without church and state harassment right? Even church and state told us we are free.. After all we are supposed to be a "free" society with many choices..
    In reality.. More laws means more control by others.
    Why do we have about 4.4% of the world's population and almost 25% of the of the world's prison population?
    We are over-criminalized, over-legislated and over-regulated. That makes us weak as a cohesive society.
    It feels sometimes like we are a people debating freedoms in a burning building.. God's people are supposed to be naturally free, no bondage imposed by others, only what we choose put ourselves in. Only God's yoke which is for our own benefit.
    Church and state discussions are very similar in logic because we have been programmed to choose a side and stay inside the matrix of deception. Weather is false prophet (man made religion) sides or beast monster (man made gov) sides. Many times, the best choice is none of the above. Think outside the box and take the "red pill". The system is a mess and we are by default deceived into playing in it. We need to look outside the box for a whole picture perspective. We need to see deeper and have a bigger perspective that we don't need to choose the lesser evil.
    Anyways.. That was in my heart and wanted to share.. Blessings to all..
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    The adversary doesn't mind which doors you go into as long as you don't open God's doors. You could go the gay, swinger, pedo, bla bla doors.. Those are ok with Lucy..
    Now.. Plural families represent Christ's relationship with us, therefore not liked by the adversary. He will use his minions to fight against it. When Christ was here in the flesh, the church and state did the adversary's dirty work.. Why is today any different? Why do we think is any different now?
  16. cubanito

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    Lesbian term is socially acceptable so, we are lesbians... Lol We do like harmony in the family, all the body members working well together well.