Southeast regional retreat! (Feb 17-19, 2018)

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  1. ZecAustin

    ZecAustin Esteemed Member Male

    I just got the okay from Nathan to say that we're working on a southeastern mini retreat/informal get together over President's Day weekend. We're shopping for a forum but expect it to be in the North Georgia/southwestern Carolina area.

    It would be great to see everybody!
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  2. Mojo

    Mojo Esteemed Member Male

    So happy for y'all east of the Rockies. We in the West can't get enough interest in one, I guess.
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  3. andrew

    andrew Administrator Staff Member Male

    Very cool.
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  4. Curtis Gerhart

    Curtis Gerhart Well-Known Member Male

    Would Love to attend. I am new to this site, but have believed in polygyny for over 35 years. My wife and I have desired to be one with a sister-wife for a long time, but are very cautious, but many times the primary motive is not Love for others is not the basis, which of course hinders and can end any relationship. We have learned much over the years, the good and the bad; but we are closer in Love and more wise because of it. Would enjoy sharing our experiences to help others and would Love to have some "fire-side chats" with others that we may grow too. Looking forward for the details so we can plan accordingly.
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  5. ZecAustin

    ZecAustin Esteemed Member Male

    We will have some more details very soon Curtis! Welcome to the site!
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  6. Curtis Gerhart

    Curtis Gerhart Well-Known Member Male

    Thank you! Ggrreeaatt to be here!
  7. steve

    steve Esteemed Member Male

    Put me on the list of those interested, it would be great if I could swing through.
    Probably just myself, though.
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  8. Chad Crosier

    Chad Crosier New Member Male

    I live in middle Georgia. I would love to attend. I have not had the opportunity to attend one of these events, but have wanted to. Would definitely plan to attend one so near to me.
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  9. ZecAustin

    ZecAustin Esteemed Member Male

    Well we look forward to getting you north of the gnat line! Stand by for details.
  10. Wraith

    Wraith New Member Male

    I would love to attend. Not that far from south middle Georgia where my family lives.

    Just got back from Greenville SC. My family would love to get back there. We loved the weekend we spent there for a business training. I am sure you could find a venue there.

    We need to form a Middle Georgia group.

    Would love to find a lady to add to our family.
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  11. ZecAustin

    ZecAustin Esteemed Member Male

    You drove about 17 miles from my house. As you passed into SC you were almost within shouting distance.

    Keep us in mind next time you're up this way.
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  12. Chad Crosier

    Chad Crosier New Member Male

    I will plan to be there

  13. ZecAustin

    ZecAustin Esteemed Member Male

    Okay Chad. I have found a couple potential sites and need to ru them by the responsible people but hopefully we can have some details in place for this soon.
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  14. nathan

    nathan Administrator Staff Member Male

    There's responsible people here?
  15. ZecAustin

    ZecAustin Esteemed Member Male

    Lol, well there is now.
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