Southeast retreat head count

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  1. Curtis Gerhart

    Curtis Gerhart Well-Known Member Male

    Okay. Thank you. I’m pretty sure I receive the newsletter.
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  2. ZecAustin

    ZecAustin Esteemed Member Male

    It will get posted to the forum as well I believe. I will PM you with the details though as soon as they are available.
  3. cnystrom

    cnystrom Well-Known Member Male

    Probability: 2
    Count: 2

    Probability: 1
    Count: 2 more.
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  4. ZecAustin

    ZecAustin Esteemed Member Male

    The information is out on the Gahja retreat! It sounds better than a 25 year old virgin with healthy teeth, good hair, broad of beam and wide of stern with a sweet personality and a midwife license. I wouldn't pass it up.
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  5. steve

    steve Esteemed Member Male

    Awesome advertising job there, but it may not appeal to the fairer sex.....
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  6. ZecAustin

    ZecAustin Esteemed Member Male

    You're right Steve, let me see.....okay. It sounds better than bearing sons and daughters to found a new righteous nation and stem the tide of evil sweeping the land! How's that? Maybe I should have put horses in there, chicks like horses. Maybe a pink unicorn or something?
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  7. JessicaP

    JessicaP Well-Known Member Female

    @ZecAustin unicorns are always a plus lol....but not mermaids :D:p:D
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  8. steve

    steve Esteemed Member Male

    Actually, in this market it is the guy that you have to sell. If he comes, she will probably be with him. :D
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  9. ZecAustin

    ZecAustin Esteemed Member Male

    As long as they come to the GA retreat is all I ask.
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