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    Ten years ago I had a wisdom tooth removed. It wasn't hurting me at all, but the dentist claimed it was rotten. To prove his point he rammed one of his sharp metal hooks into the centre of it. Sure enough, within a week or so it was hurting terribly, and I was back asking for him to remove it. The tooth had horribly twisted roots going in all directions, and the dentist struggled to pull it out. One root snapped off and remained in my jaw, and the dentist said it would require surgery to remove, so we'd leave it in there and hopefully it would be ok.

    I haven't been to a dentist since, the whole mess put me off them for life... These days whenever my teeth feel weak or sore I just take a high dose calcium and magnesium supplement for a couple of days and whatever small cavities have started to form seem to heal themselves, as they soon stop bothering me. Teeth are designed to heal themselves if you take care of them.

    A couple of weeks ago I had a tiny wee "tooth" emerge where my old wisdom tooth had been. It wobbled around in my gum for a couple of weeks, then fell out yesterday. It is the root fragment from my wisdom tooth, that my body has ejected all by itself, completely painlessly, and with no expense.

    I post this simply in awe of the incredible complexity of our bodies, that YHWH has designed so perfectly. Humans still can't work out how to make self-healing machinery. Since we can't understand self-healing, Western medicine treats the body as a simple machine that needs to be hacked at and poisoned in order to get rid of problems - rather than recognising that the body is already designed to fix itself, and just needs the right opportunity to do so. We serve an incredibly wise Creator, and simply need to learn how to operate in line with with His created systems.
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