The Contested Place of Religion in Family Law

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    Extract of chapter on polygamy entitled "Why No Polygamy" can be found here:


    This chapter, distilled from a long book on the topic, analyzes the 1,850 year tradition of Western laws against polygamy and the growing constitutional and cultural pressures to reform these laws today. I show how the traditional Western cases against polygamy and same-sex unions used strikingly different arguments drawn from the Bible, nature, rights, harm, and symbolism. I conclude that, because these arguments are so different, Western nations can responsibly hold the line against polygamy, even if they choose to accept same-sex marriage and its accompanying norms of sexual liberty, domestic autonomy, equality, and nondiscrimination.
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    I'm supposing that they don't mention the laws against polygamy in Rome allowed concubines, do they?

    Considering that little detail the '1850 year tradition' is much, much shorter.
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    I really liked the article it gave me some new person's of intrest. I didn't know that about "St" Augustine.

    But even then the Christian tradition wavered in its opposition to polygamy. Late
    medieval Catholic luminaries like Cardinal Cajetan, reaching back to Augustine, said that
    polygamy was a “perfectly natural” option in cases of personal or political necessity
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    Thanks for the link @cnystrom. Having now read the article in full, I see the writer has to acknowledge there is clear biblical support for polygyny and clear biblical condemnation of homosexuality, yet the writer promotes homosexuality and condemns polygyny. Appealing to traditions and evolutionary thinking must, of necessity, contradict the Word of God because only the Word of God is truth. :bible:
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    I didn't know this one. Interesting.

    Evolutionary thinking promotes polygamy and condemns homosexuality as well. Occidental tradition mocks and condemns homosexuality well into the pre-Christian era, especially when it was common for the aristocracy to participate in it. The closest thing to monogamy it has is one wife + slave girls.

    This person is just lying. He's a lawyer making things up to preserve the status quo, nothing more.
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    Evolutionary thinking is prone to flights of fancy. However since it inherently deals with biology it is often more grounded in reality than the status quo is comfortable with.
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    Those who adhere to evolutionary ideas have no absolutes; it's just a case of doing what seems right to self or the majority. Stop and think for a moment; most people in western cultures today are grounded in evolutionary thinking and have accepted homosexuality and same-sex marriages. Yet they also reject polygamy. What is biblically defined as evil is called good and the good is called evil. It's nothing new.
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    Well said.

    No, its still humanists first that do all of this. Really scientifically minded atheists that are not just pop-culture icons keep coming around to traditionalist ideals and values, it's killing atheism, or at least leaving them with nothing but extreme SJWs. No kidding I've talked to several who start with grudgingly admitting Christian morality is evolutionarily good for people in general and adaptive and wind up attending service regularly and converting, or at least maintaining that most people should be Christian if they want to live in a nice society.

    A firm belief in natural law is a gateway to the idea of the God of Nature, which is a gateway to the Christian idea of God.

    The trouble isn't that atheists are rational and scientific, it's that usually their neither and only using those terms as buzzwords.

    Not that I believe in long-age Darwinism myself, but adaptation and natural selection is very much part of Gods design, so a firm belief in those laws of nature will lead people to some of the more obvious things God told us in his law. Homosexuality is bad for selection, polygamy good.
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    There is evolution in the pop theology, replacement myth sense that most people adhere to. And then there is evolutionary biology, as in the study of life, pursued by actual scientists. Two different things. The later is fundamentally died to nature. So you know, things like genetics 101 disproves 'gender is a social construct' and an afternoon of studying animals is enough to destroy ones belief in the biological equality of the sexes.
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    Thank you Kevin for leading us unto the Italian & Roman Catholic Thomas Cajetan... A quick keyboard-google search and I found the following hyperlinks regarding the historical person Thomas Cajetan
    - Of course good ole Wikipedia -
    - Hands Respectful and Clean: Cajetan and the Reformation provided by the Digital Commons Providence dot edu -
    Indeed the annals of church history are tall deep and wide. Beloved Savior, reveal your truth to us today. BTW, I love this forum! A sincere thank you to the administrators of this site.

    Another btw, that makes two Italians open to the idea of PM, Bernardino Occhino & now...Thomas Cajetan. Interesting...
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    When the "Hands Respectful and Clean" pdf pops up in your a CTRL-F and type in your search term..."polygamy", and my Chrome Browser found 5 different references to the "polygamy" keyword. For those of you that are short on time ;)
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    Interesting that radical evolutionists generally tend to be far left of center and promote homosexuality. It's definitely a contradiction since it so obviously eliminates potential genes from the gene pool, thus working against evolution...unless they want to see homosexuality eliminated (the theory being that it's all genetic).

    The only thing I could see that would be remotely consistent is if they advocated for men to be selectively heterosexual and "mate" just for biology and evolution purposes, while maintaining a homosexual life at all other times. I do believe that that is how most homosexual men lived their lives in the past. Jim Nabors and others come to mind. They marry, and sometimes have children, but keep that "secret life".

    Edit: I don't agree about the genetic theory of homosexuality, but I'm presuming most secular evolutionists do.
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    Shhh! Don't tell 'em....
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    Don't expect logic or reason out of the left; their ideology explicitly rejects such concepts.

    That and it's not actually about evolution. They support anything anti-God, anti-man, anti-west, anti-capitalism. It is a death cult.

    That is why they can simultaneously support feminism, homosexuality, and Islam all the while hating Christianity for believing things Islam does too.
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