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    Also, if you go to the bottom left of the page and click the name of the "theme" the forum is using (there are several options this might be called), you can choose the "Xenforo 2.0 (style only)" theme. In this theme a new menu appears called "What's new?", which provides a quick link to this and some other stuff.
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    Happens to the best of us.:mad:
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    And the worst of us. ME

    I was just about to ask the same question! No joke
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    I wondered why so many of us have been quoting entire posts in our replies rather than simply replying without quotes (or maybe quoting just certain bits where appropriate), and I think I finally figured it out. People don't know that:
    • You can add your remarks without quoting a post — just go to the bottom of the page and start typing into the box. As long as you just use the box and don't hit the Reply link of any previous post, nothing will be quoted into your reply.
    • In addition, if you do use a post's Reply link to compose your reply, that entire post will be copied into your remarks.
    Fortunately, you don't need to make people re-read an entire post from someone else just so you can add "Me too!" or "Thanks!" or "Hey, nice to see you on the forum again!" below it, because the site has tools for quoting just the bits that matter. Besides avoiding the Reply link, here are some more steps you can take for saying just what's needed and no more:
    • You can quote just a portion of a post by selecting it with your pointer and then clicking on the Reply button that appears beneath those selected words. The text will be inserted as a quote in the box at the bottom of the page. (If you've already typed into the box, the quote will be placed according to where you last placed the cursor. It's okay to cut and paste the quote so that it ends up in the right place. And don't forget that the formatting bar has an "Undo" button as well.)
    • The site uses formatting codes (called BB Code) within your posts (for things like bold text, links, quotes, and colors), and sometimes when things "go sideways" it's easiest to straighten them out by viewing your text with the codes visible. To do this, click the "Use BB Code Editor" button (it's near the right end of the reply box's toolbar; if you're unsure, you can hover your pointer over each button to see its title). Tags come in matched pairs surrounded by square brackets — like [this] and [/this] — and you can manually add, edit, and delete them. When finished, you can return to the "normal" editing view by clicking the "Use Rich Text Editor" link that will appear beneath the box (since the code-editor view has no buttons above the box).
    • Finally, remember you can always delete some or all of a quote that's been inserted in the reply box.
    Happy quoting (or not)!
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    Brilliant, @mystic. Thanks for taking the time to put that together.
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    Head hurting...must stop the techno jargon..

    • What do these sounds mean?!?
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    Lol, @ZecAustin , you're naturally doing most of that anyway.
    @mystic , thanks for the great post!
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