West Coast Retreat (April 6-8, 2018 likely)

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  1. nathan

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    Hey Mojo and other West Coasters, sorry for showing up late - driving last 700+ miles today of our 6 week trip that started before the retreat. It's great to see the interest in West Coast again, I'd love to see it happen, it was never our intent to stop doing regular West retreats - but folks are so much more spread out, it does make it tough.
    I'm going to propose a date: Dec 8-10th. In between holiday season. I know it would be close after our Texas retreat, but that would work best for us, and I don't expect a lot of overlap attendees. Anything earlier doesn't leave people time to plan.
    Please cast your 'yea' or 'nay' votes for that date here. If enough cannot, my next suggestion would not be til March or early April.

    As for location, we need to be fairly cheap, but also not too far from a major airport, as some will likely fly. Reno I'd rather not go back to, and I'm afraid Tahoe might be too expense (or can we get a casino deal?).

    Mojo, if you have or can find a specific property (hotel or other), for a reasonable price, please let me know. My fallback suggestion would be to look for a hotel closer to Bay Area and I-5 up/down drivers: say Stockon/Modesto/Davis, but avoiding the bigger city areas.

    But let's hear from people on that proposed Dec 8 date, and then go from there.

    Thanks! look forward to meeting more West Coast people,
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  2. rustywest4

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    I'm sorry to say that December wouldn't work for us. The March or early April idea would work great for us though. Also wouldn't mind having it a little further west along I5 if others were in favor of that. ... And of course I'm always a fan of "cheap".
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  3. Slumberfreeze

    Slumberfreeze Well-Known Member Male

    I love cheap. Literally can not get enough of cheap.
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  4. Mojo

    Mojo Well-Known Member Male

    I will private message Andrew and Nathan soon, but based on comments, I am getting the feeling that early Spring next year might be best. Yes??? No??

    The Central Valley corridor is going to be cheap, but it is...well...uh...kind of...uh...ugly.

    I am not wedded to Tahoe, but it is only about an hour drive to nearest airport in Reno. Let me check on Tahoe hotel and conference room rates and compare to elsewhere.

    Sacramento and Stockton have major airports. They are also a relatively short drive from some of the old gold mining towns. Let me check on their rates.

    I know the whole point is to meet and retreat, but I'm trying to think aesthetics too ;)
  5. Sonshine

    Sonshine Active Member Female

    Spring should be much better for us. I don't think we'll be able to do December. :)
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  6. NetWatchR

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    I'm leaning towards next spring as well.
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  7. 1cor72

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    Hey I'm in Southern California & am basically looking for local fellowship. Retreats, brunch, bowling, whatever. I'm probably on the wrong thread but just in case. Is it ok to post my phone number here?
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  8. andrew

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    Better to just let it be known (like you just did) that you're looking for fellowship and let people PM you for a phone number. You might consider telling us a little more about yourself in our Introductions forum.

    Welcome aboard!
  9. Slumberfreeze

    Slumberfreeze Well-Known Member Male

    I mentioned it on another thread, but spring works good for me, and I'm ok with Reno, Tahoe, or wherever, as long as I can stay out of the actual bay area. Basically the closer we get to SF the more I want to die.
  10. Sonshine

    Sonshine Active Member Female

    Sounds like something my husband would say. :D
  11. Mojo

    Mojo Well-Known Member Male

    Uhhhh, the closer you get to SF, the greater the chances you may die. That's some crazyyyyy traffic in that town.
    SF is great to look at.........from across the GGbridge!
  12. WhoCanFind31

    WhoCanFind31 New Member Female

    My husband and I would go to a west coast retreat. We live east of LA and are really flexible with location and dates.
  13. Mojo

    Mojo Well-Known Member Male

    All right. I will get working on it soon. Early Spring of 2018 is the target.
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  14. nathan

    nathan Administrator Staff Member Male

    OK, we have a date in mind - not set in stone yet, but I think this pretty likely:
    April 6-8, 2018, somewhere in California. (Won't be LA basin or Bay Area proper, but somewhere a little cheaper. And not north of Sacramento/Tahoe.)
    This is the weekend after Easter.
    A possible fallback is the next weekend.
  15. NetWatchR

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    Is it possible to sticky a post within a thread, or is it only threads within folders?
  16. nathan

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    Only a thread it seems, so I added the date to thread title, guessing that's what you were thinking.