West Coast Retreat, Phoenix, AZ - April 7th-9th, 2017

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  1. nathan

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    Just about 2.5 months until we head back to the West Coast for a retreat for the first time in a while. We'd love to meet some new West Coast folks there. This will be a hotel retreat, without any childcare - but for older kids, we'll try to find a room they can share and hang out in during most sessions.
    If you want info, please write us at retreats@biblicalfamilies.org today!

    The Higgins will be our hosts in Phoenix, and we look forward to a great time together.

    You can always find retreat info in the newsletter, latest here.

    BTW, If you signed up at the forum here, you ARE getting our newsletter to that email address, most likely Google or Yahoo or Microsoft is 'junking' it - search for newsletter@biblicalfamilies.org, and mark it Not Junk.
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    Can't wait!!
  3. NetWatchR

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    I think i'll be able to make this one.
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  5. Mojo

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    Just verified that I have a function in AZ that very weekend....whoa!

    I've got little ones and they are active. I might make an excuse to spend the night in PHX on Friday night.
    Are there fees to just pop in on Friday night if we stay overnight at the hotel before going on to the function for the rest of the weekend on Saturday morning?

    I will send an email.
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    Sent an email and got nothing. Can someone help?
  7. julieb

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    Sorry, this notice should have been posted here Thursday - emails will go out in next few days. Biblical Families staff met this week, and made the hard decision that we did not have quite enough interest in Phoenix retreat to go ahead with the cost of a full hotel retreat and travel costs. So Phoenix has been canceled as a retreat, and instead we are putting all of our focus on our summer retreat in Tennessee. (June 30-July 4). We apologize to those who may be affected by this and not get a chance to fellowship this year because of these, but our time and budget is limited, and we must make the best use of it.

    Our West Coast rep, Ron Higgins, and his family, are still open to host a one day get together with those who are close enough to Phoenix to make that worthwhile, you can contact him for that - PM nathan or julieb for his phone number.

    Our apologies again, maybe another year West Coast will work out again. Please consider making the effort to make Tennessee, which we know will be a great time.

    Nathan (too lazy to log Julie out)
    BiblicalFamilies.org, Director
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  8. joe88

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    It's too bad it had to be cancelled. I'll look forward to the next West Coast retreat -- it's been too long since we've been able to fellowship!
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  9. Sonshine

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    As a west-coaster, I hope we can have one someday. :)
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