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    Not sure where to put this post. seemed most logical here, but move if necessary.

    So, we are a Sabbath keeping family and host a small gathering in our home many weeks. Yesterday was no different with several families here to sing, worship, discuss Scripture and fellowship.

    Midway through our Torah reading and discussion a little girl, maybe 11, asks, "So, what is the deal with so many of the men in the Bible having more than one wife?"

    I took a deep breath, looked at her parents and said, "I'm not sure we want to open that can of worms, do we?" Her dad flatly said, "Its okay. We have had a discussion recently because a couple other families we know have talked about it..."

    I opened the discussion and fielded/addressed multiple concerns and misconceptions with Scripture. Bottom line, I was genuinely surprised that while the ladies were all at least jokingly against it, it was clear that all of the men had at least explored the topic in Scripture.

    My biggest surprise was that I did nor get any pushback from one brother that had adamantly opposed the subject when it came up about six months ago in another setting. I could only assume he had done his homework.

    Very interesting seeing what Abba is doing among His people...
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    Isn't it wonderful how easily children can broach a subject adults are often too scared to discuss! What a great door that question opened and thanks heaps for sharing about it.
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    Well done brother... I actually stood up out of my seat and set my phone down in order to give you a standing ovation sir! I pray the Lord continues to bless the Shabbat fellowship you are hosting!
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    Things are moving in interesting directions. I'm always surprised by the people I meet who are on this path.
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    The shoe was on the other foot once, when the Jehovah's witnesses thought they would challenge our support of YHWH's law, by bringing up those "twin relics of old testament barbarism," slavery, and polygamy. Hubby and I just looked at each other and smiled, because we are not afraid of "going there." I'm sure the reaction they got was not what they expected! :eek::p
    I hope we all see more awareness, and honesty from others as things continue to change. I know it has changed a lot in the 16 or so years I've been around the subject. I hope it keeps improving.
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    You will be surprised how many have quiet acceptance of this doctrine. Because of societal pressures, they may not encourage the conversation to be brought up, but it's on their minds. Ive had similar experiences I've written about on this site.
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    I didn't quite get to the point of polygamy, but I had a similarly awkward experience at a recent small home bible study on Hosea. The facilitator asked the penalty for a woman caught in adultery, and someone responded with "death", which I clarified as "stoning". At that point, a young teenage girl asked "what about a man?" There were a few seconds of awkward silence before her mother answered "nope." One of the other guys joked "It's good to be a man!" earning himself a light jab from his wife. I managed to add that for the man, it depended on whether the woman was married or not. Someone said "Or he could just not do that," and the girl responded "Yeah, I like that better!"

    That was about the extent of the exchange. I'm kicking myself that I didn't add a bit more, because, while I think the correct definition was there, I don't think it came across as positive.
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    Are you prepared to bring up the possibility that Hosea may have been a polygynist? Some scholars see Hosea buying a second wife (friend of Gomer) not buying Gomer back....It would fit the metaphor of the Father being a polygynist with the divided kingdom.
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    Why couldn't you have posted that Saturday. I could have used it yesterday morning.
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    Sorry. It's actually been discussed on here a while back. I think it was before you came on board. I will try to find it.
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    Thanks, I've read through all the old post but I didn't pay close enough attention to them all. I'm going to have to do it again.
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    I couldn't find it going three pages deep on "Hosea" search. I will try later...dinner is calling!
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