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Plural Marriage is Personal

Everybody that wasn't raised with these ideas as part of their cultural heritage (which is just about everybody in the West) has to overcome a certain amount of surprise, maybe shock, and sometimes disgust or anger to really think clearly about the relative merits of monogamy and polygamy and the biblical basis for Christian plural marriage. Some people are ambivalent, and some folks were just born to be iconclasts, embracing whatever ideas are fringe or counter-cultural because they're mad at their parents or something. But for most of us, there's at least a certain amount of surprise and maybe a little justified apprehension when we figure out that something we've assumed to be true our whole lives—and used as the basis for important, life-changing decisions—may simply be wrong.

We hope you'll take a look at whichever page in the links to the left fits your personal situation best; it is our word to you as you start this process of sorting out your feelings, assumptions, beliefs, and fears, and it's offered with the prayer that you will take it to heart. May God bless your search for understanding and wisdom.

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