Andrew Amelang


Andrew is a musician, worship leader, music school owner/manager, recording engineer/producer, and website designer. Earlier in life he has also done time as a lawyer, commercial real estate developer, and property manager.

Andrew and Cheryl have been married over 22 years; Ginny and Ann both joined the family 18 years ago. Add twelve children (ages 35 to 7) and six grandchildren (and three dogs and three cats) and it's never, ever, boring.

In addition to leading and coordinating worship at Biblical Families retreats, Andrew counsels plural families and family members, as well as those considering plural marriage. For more information, please contact him using the Quick Contact form below.

Team Members

Nathan Bender

Founder, Director, and Fellowship Coordinator

Ron Higgins

Outreach Coordinator and Bouncer

Andrew Amelang

Worship Coordinator and Website Manager

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