FAQ: Is Marrying Sisters Prohibited?

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    Here's the short answer:
    It seems that there are sisters who are so close that separating them by making them marry different men who may then move to opposite ends of the country or world is painful to them. It would be mean.

    Other girls are just plain rivals, and haven't worked it out in however many years they've been alive. Forcing them to live more or less together for the rest of their lives would be equally mean.

    God isn't mean. He cares about His daughters' happiness and wants us men to do the same. Sounds simple and sensible, right?

    That seems to support the first view. However, if you are convinced that the second view is the correct one, by all means feel free to refrain from marrying sisters. No-one is likely to fault you.

    However, what would you if you and your brother married sisters, your brother died childless, and your wife's sister, your brother's widow, invoked the Levirite?

    BiblicalFamilies has no problem with anyone who holds to either view, although the first seems to cause less problems.

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