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Fertility struggles

Discussion in 'Ladies Only' started by Mikki G., Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Mikki G.

    Mikki G. Well-Known Member Female

    Hey ladies,

    So one of the hardest subjects for me to talk about is fertility. Mainly because I feel that I am inexcusably angered at this subject. I am 31 years old and no closer to having a child of my own then I was at 21. All in all I have been trying to wrap my mond around being in my 30's with no biological children. My husband and I have been trying for 2 years but I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 23. I am trying to understand why God hasnt felt the need to bless us with another baby. I did however get pregnant at to age of 27 but sadly miscarried at 6 weeks. I am at a point in my lifw where I just wanna give up on ever having children of my own.

    Ladoes what do I do. I am seriously at a loss.
  2. rustysdove11

    rustysdove11 Well-Known Member Female

    I'm so sorry, I wish I had something I could say besides pray and surrender yourself to Gods will.... but I don't. I can't pretend to know how you feel because it's not a trial I've had to face. my heart breaks for you though, I'll be praying for you and your family.
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  3. Joleneakamama

    Joleneakamama Well-Known Member Female

    Good morning Mikki.
    I second Rusty's dove, prayer is always a good idea! But, that said and recognised, there are other things you can do that might help balance and heal your body.

    There is a natural fertility cleanse that works with your cycle, and promotes health in every way, and I have read that strategic use of progesterone cream can help manipulate the body into ovulation. Macca is a very nutritious root that is helpful for balancing the endocrine system, and supporting pregnancy.
    The only risk I am aware of with any of these things would be getting ones hopes up.
    I really believe our bodies have an amazing potential to heal, and a built in goal (for lack of a better word) to reproduce. I have a cousin that was told she could not have children, but her daughter is living proof the Dr. That told her that was wrong.

    Feel free to pm me if you have questions about anything I've written.

    My prayer is that He gives you wisdom, and helps you discern His will. I have always loved the serenity prayer, because it aknowleges that one approach doesn't work for every situation.

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
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  4. OhMyStars

    OhMyStars Member Female

    Sister, I feel your pain, I know where you are at, I have been in your shoes!
    I was diagnosed with PCOS 10 years ago. I, for one, get it! I was crushed as I researched and studied this fertility killer. I have been overweight most of my adult years and have struggled to lose even 1 pound, so when I was told, just lose weight, you'll get pregnant, I was driven deeper into a depression. About 2 years ago, and 2 that I know of, miscarriages, I finally gave up the dream of everyone being a mom...I said kids weren't in the cards for me, and believed it. I was to a point I didn't even want children anymore, that's how bad my depression over it had gotten. Someone announced they were pregnant, I ignored it. Even got resentful abou My sister in law had 4 children, lost one, got pregnant again, and I just didn't care. I was numb. I completely understand.

    In June of this year, at 32 weeks gestation, we were blessed with a little one after almost 9 years of trying, and finally accepting it would never happen. I was 16 weeks along before we found out. No symptoms, or signs of being pregnant. Other then my husband complaining daily of extreme mood swings. Lol She is a happy, healthy 5 months old now. And if she's my only one, I'm OK with that.

    I was never a believer in the whole, it can happen to you, I will happen to you, just relax, lines I was told, but it did happen to me.
    To be honest, I don't know what I did that helped, if anything....but I know around that time i was starting to focus on myself. Getting comfortable in my own skin, accepting the fact that I had this 'issue' and trying to do what was best for my health regardless of the dream and desire for a child. It came down to the fact that I had to learn to be happy with me, and accept that this might just be God's plan to not have children.
    I have tried everything! Short of paying for outrageous fertility treatments, I've done it all. The creams, the supplements, the oils, the apple a day....sometimes its just when God says OK, its time, I think.
    If you want to talk, vent, cry, need an ear so you can scream at the world, and someone who'll scream with you, I'm here. We may not be super close in age, but we are connected due to our shared syndrome.
    I'm JoJo...I'm PCOS, together we can overcome.
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  5. Mikki G.

    Mikki G. Well-Known Member Female

    Thank you for this. I'm 31 and its been a struggle. In my last marriage my ex and I tried for 4 years and nothing. I felt broken. Just had a scan of my ovaries and am waiting to see what the Doctor has to say. On scared. Really scared. I have wanted children ever since I was little. I'm just scared it wont happen. :(