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Frying pan time!

Discussion in 'Ladies Only' started by rustysdove11, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. rustysdove11

    rustysdove11 Well-Known Member Female

    ok, so this is going to get a little personal.... but I just got my periods back for the first time in almost 3 years, and I'm really having a hard time with not beating my husband with a frying pan. I love the man, but there are times when I just want to show him my true self... I already struggle a great deal with submission, I was a rediculously strong willed child and it's carried into adulthood. I have a sharp tongue and do a great deal to bite it back. I wasn't even this angry when I was pregnant! My husband is danger! So are my kids! What do I do????? I just want to take my red pan and go on a bump making spree! HELP!!!!!!!! :mad:
  2. MissJ

    MissJ Active Member Female

    Hi RD, I am very sorry that you are going through this difficult time right now.
    Our bodies are unique, mysterious, and wonderfully made. Do to the lack of your menstruals for three yrs. I am sure your hormones are a bit out of wack right now. Do you have an area that you could get some downtime? Would give you a chance to rest and convene with the Father. Maybe you have a friend you could reach out to?
    I would also say if this is prolonged or keeps happening when Aunt Flow comes around, you may want to speak with you OBGYN about what's going on.
  3. Joleneakamama

    Joleneakamama Well-Known Member Female

    I tend to go right to thinking about what might help. So, please don't think I'm just trying to tell you what to do.

    The importance of drinking plenty of water cannot be underestimated. If you don't get enough, the first things that suffer are your mental and hormonal systems.
    Then there is that all important hormonal balance thing. I have been there after a miscarriage, and my problem was not enough progesterone. My good ole aunt Flo came and stayed for a solid month, and it was a miserable month for many reasons including the fact that I was an emotional wreck.

    I would look at an herbal formula that supports female balance, and/or maybe try some macca. It is very nutrient dense, and also promotes hormone balance. Look at the list of symptoms of estrogen dominance, as if many of them would familiar, that might offer some amazingly fast results. And remember anytime you take anything, that the water you take it with is as wonderful and needed as the air you breath. Last, but not least, pray. Because sometimes the biggest and most life changing miracles are the ones that God works in our hearts and minds. I'm no stranger to anger, but thankfully I have come a long way.

    I hope you find what helps, and that you find peace.

  4. FollowingHim2

    FollowingHim2 Esteemed Member Female

    Definitely your hormones are out of whack. I agree with what Jolene said about the progesterone. First you might want to try some evening primrose oil though as that helps with hormonal problems too.

    I don't know what this is in America but here it's our name for McDonalds, which is definitely not nutrient dense lol!

    Aside from the physical ways of helping, there's the emotional. Have you spoken to your husband? There are times when I will say to Samuel that I am in a bad mood and I want to slap someone and I know that I'm being completely irrational but I just need him to be really nice. As time goes on he's recognising these times more and more and I don't have to say it as much. Can your husband help out by taking the kids and letting you go for a walk by yourself or read a book alone or something? Sometimes just half an hour can help us to reset and getting some sunshine helps enormously.
    I'm also not against chocolate as a cure-all. Just don't eat the whole packet in one go or you'll only feel worse.
  5. rustysdove11

    rustysdove11 Well-Known Member Female

    unless the water used to brew coffee counts, I probably only get through one glass a day. I basically have a coffee IV as my life line. :rolleyes:

    What is macca? Will it affect baby since I'm nursing??? My husband said that this is proof I need to be pregnant again :confused: but in all actuality, he's really supportive... and patient.... he even lets me sleep in sometimes! I just can't stop feeling like I want to punch him and just about everyone around me, which is extremely unusual. I can be mouth but it's usually in a funny way.... not at all like this.
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  6. Joleneakamama

    Joleneakamama Well-Known Member Female

    I think most moms can relate, and have moments like you describe, we just don't want them at all frequently. :)

    Macca is a nutritious root grown in the high mountains in Peru. At those extreme elevations even the animals deal with stress from the elevation that affects their bodies, and even their fertility. Macca just helps balance and support the body. It doesn't taste bad at all, and is easy to get down in smoothies, soups, or just mixed in water.

    It sounds like you really should get more water. I've nothing against coffee, but your body uses water to flush and eliminate unwanted stuff, and something that is already loaded up with yummy bean flavor cannot carry or absorb as much. You wouldn't use coffee to wash your car, and when water us needed, coffee is no substitute. Adequate hydration also helps keep excess hormones from getting concentrated in your body, and perhaps having a stronger effect then you want.

    I dare you to see what three quarts to a gallon a day of water does to help. If nothing else it'll give you frequent time outs in the ladies room to regroup! ;)

    Gotta run. A handsome guy asked me out, and I don't wanna be late!
  7. WifeOfHisYouth

    WifeOfHisYouth Well-Known Member Female

    I agree hormones. After that long of an absence, having your cycle return is rough on the body. I agree in drinking water and taking some natural remedies:)
    Whenever I'm OVERWHELMED with crazy feeling emotions, it's a hormone inbalance.. and not my husband's fault lol but he is kind in being extra sweet when he can feel like everything he says is going to ruin my life. Haha gotta love being a woman.
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