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    So many of you may be aware of the the popular Facebook page Godly dating 101. Not a bad page and there is much good sound advice to be found but they can get really unbiblical and miss the Mark quite often. Well meaning memes that (you might even agree with to a certain extent) and such that sound good but are pushing the monogamy only opinion of man pretty hard. Ironically, Solomon and David get quotes from time to time which is a real eye roller. In my experience, this page is especially popular with late twenties to thirty something devout single Christian women. So if anyone wants to plant any seeds on this one the fields are ripe into harvest. Btw, not just on plural marriage but sometimes a viewer western non biblical view of even monogamous view of marriage makes it way onto this page. Have fun!
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    I just posted a comment. They said to ignore married people. I posted a comment about Abigial and David. We will see what happens.
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    A woman made a comment about how David shouldn't be used by Godlydating101 cause he was an adulterer and had 8 wives. The first part, bad...second part , blessed. I really think if we really wanted to we could gain ground though through social media. Some different subjects in Christendom have really taken off and gaining ground through social media. A Facebook presence of BF? What I've thought is really cool is that this "biblical families" no polygamist families or plural families but everything is discussed here and there is members that may not have any aspirations of plural marriage but still strive for the biblical model. Could this translate to a Facebook page??
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    There is a BF facebook page.
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    But maybe we could have it set up where posts here vet alerts there or something . I'm not a tech guy.
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    There is a BF facebook page, and a group. Both are pretty quiet, the group more so. It's better to have the conversation on BF as this forum is set up for long conversations. FB isn't, it encourages you to only post little things at a time and it all gets lost down the page very easily, never to be seen again.
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    I tried to stir up the group for awhile, wasn't a very productive use of my time. Now I'm not on fb much at all for bandwidth reasons. I'll occasionally post something to the BF page if I run across something interesting marriage or family related, but not often.

    If someone wants to take responsibility for the BF fb presence and try to gin something up, let me know!
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    Almost thou persuadest me to join Facebook...
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