Please pray for Ron

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  1. Poodles

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    Please pray for Ron, for strength of body and of heart, for regrowth of his muscles, for release of pain, for calmness of mind, for encouragement, for realization that this disease does not define who he is, a wonderful Godly man who loves his wives, his family and friends, and God most of all.
    He has received disturbing news from Mayo Clinic. He has lost more muscle weight and the program (testing of new medication) that he was in is not working for him. We had high hopes that it would be something that would slow down the effects of this dread disease. In fact, at the beginning, it seemed to be working. But over time he started slipping downhill and started having more bad days than good days. Now his body is becoming weaker and he needs to sleep more often.
    Only prayer has and will have an effect on his body. He is still working and puts much energy and adrenaline into it. We are so proud of him and love him so very much for who he is, a wonderful man, who will never give up nor give in to this disease.
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  2. Kevin

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    We'll be Praying for Ron and your family.
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  3. rustywest4

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  4. julieb

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    So sad to hear this report, Poodles. Please tell Ron we are continually praying for him. Love you all so much.
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  5. aineo

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    I hated to press “like” on this, but it’s all in support of all of you. Prayers for Ron and prayers for you.
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  6. Mojo

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    Prayers going up.
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  7. Lili

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    Praying for Ron and for you ladies as well.
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  8. Verifyveritas76

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  9. ZecAustin

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  10. steve

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    Love you guys, praying for all y’all.
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  11. Poodles

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    Thank you all for all the prayers and for the love given to us. We truly live on God's grace and mercy. We love you guys.
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  12. Mikki G.

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    Praying for Ron and your family. God give them the strength they need. In Jesus name amen
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  13. cubanito

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    Praying for Ron and you both.