Scammers and spammers and trolls, oh my!

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    Many of you may have gotten the recent 'Beloved of the lord' PM requesting a little help (in order to make a bunch of money of course) - it's a classic Nigerian scam (which can come from any African country - or anywhere). I hope everybody is familiar enough with these to just yawn and ignore by now. This user is deleted along with his outgoing PMs - and we will do this every time it happens, though sometimes it may take us a bit before we see it.

    A few years ago we had a REAL spammer problem too, we were deleting a few every day - before we instituted the Biblical signup question. (If you can't answer our simple question, you should go to Sunday School for some milk, before coming here for some meat.) I won't mention the question/answer, so as not to give them any easy access.

    That's made scammers and spammers a rarity for us, fortunately. So just ignore them, that's the best remedy for any in these categories, of course.

    Thanks much!