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Discussion in 'New website & forum' started by FollowingHim, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. FollowingHim

    FollowingHim Administrator Staff Member Male

    For years we've had to carefully watch ourselves and try to remember not to post in the ladies only section if we're men, or vice versa. New changes today should hopefully solve this issue for good.
    • Everyone needs to specify what gender you are, if you have not done so already. Well, you don't absolutely have to, but you'll get nagging notices around the place until you do.
    Once you define your gender (click here to do that), wait for up to an hour for the forum to register that you've done this, after which you'll find:
    • A blue or red label under your profile picture, stating "Male" or "Female"
    • If you're a man, you'll be able to post in the "gentlemen only" section, but not ladies only, and vice versa.
    • You can still read threads in both sections, and "like" posts, but can only comment in one.
    This isn't foolproof, as the moderators still have to be able to post everywhere, so we still have to watch ourselves, and might still accidentally comment in the wrong place, sorry in advance if we do! But it should simplify things for most people.

    You'll also find two new trophies available, based on the ratio of likes to comments. These are to recognise those people who may not say much, but when they speak their contributions are highly valued by readers.
  2. FollowingHim

    FollowingHim Administrator Staff Member Male

    By the way, set the correct gender the first time. You'll find that if you try to change your gender you lose access to both the gentlemen only and ladies only sections until you return to the original gender you specified. We're biological fundamentalists around here... :)

    If you do genuinely have a need to change the gender on the account (for instance it was a joint account that a gender was specified for, but in practice is used by a spouse of a different gender), just contact me and I'll do this manually.
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  3. ABlessedMan

    ABlessedMan Member Male

    Thank you very much FH (and to all others involved).
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  4. ZecAustin

    ZecAustin Well-Known Member Male

    Is it possible to not get the new post notifications from the ladies only section?
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  5. Desertfamily

    Desertfamily New Member Male

    My wife and I share our biblical families profile, but we do our best to never post on the wrong threads. Hope this does not cause an inconvenience. Not sure what to put for male/female.
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  6. Verifyveritas76

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    I think you will need to generate an additional profile and handle, and then decide which one will be for you and for her. Eventually you would be restricted to the general forum only if you don't(I think). We're not trying to make it more difficult, just trying to make it a better site.
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  7. FollowingHim

    FollowingHim Administrator Staff Member Male

    With a separate profile, your wife will also be able to go on ladies chat, another good reason to encourage separate profiles. Things just work better for many reasons with separate profiles.
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  8. FollowingHim

    FollowingHim Administrator Staff Member Male

    I can see no way to achieve that sorry.
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  9. steve

    steve Well-Known Member Male

    Make the background neon pink?
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  10. FollowingHim

    FollowingHim Administrator Staff Member Male

    I actually spent some time discussing with @mystic how we might alert people by making the ladies forum bright pink or something like that, until I finally realised it was far easier to just prevent the men from posting there at all.
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  11. ABlessedMan

    ABlessedMan Member Male

    Thank you, FH. Being unable to post is great . . .but if you could change the font color or something where they show up on 'New Posts' . . .that would be pretty awesome. I have not noticed many ladies involved in this thread so I don't know if flagging the 'gentlemen only' is really an issue . . . For myself, I have not yet stumbled into the 'Ladies only' but would rather not if it can be helped. . . it seems a bit like going in the wrong bathroom. So, Thank you again and I do hope there is a simple way to accomplish Steve's idea. Cheers,
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  12. Lili

    Lili Well-Known Member Female

    @ABlessedMan Haha! That's a good way to describe how it feels to accidentally read the wrong thread.

    I have stumbled into the men's forum a few times because I tend to pull up the new posts and just open up each thread in a tab quickly. I try to pay attention to where things are posted now, but flagging a forum somehow would be mighty helpful.
  13. Sarai

    Sarai Active Member Female

    What if you're gender neutral?Sorry.Wrong forum.:bible:
  14. FollowingHim

    FollowingHim Administrator Staff Member Male

    We'll point you back to a biology textbook so you can figure it out and no longer be confused. :)
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  15. Mojo

    Mojo Well-Known Member Male

    Easier than that. Go ask your mom. She was there when you were brought forth.
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  16. notforevil

    notforevil New Member

    Honest Question... If Christ is joyfully our Bridegroom, shouldn't we honor Biblical Marriage?

    A woman poster is now flagged as "simply female": doesn't that mislead who she really is?

    Wouldn't it be more honest for Married Members flags to read "Husband" or "Wife"?

    I agree that "Male" and "Female" is what God made us "Unmarried",
    and in retrospect would be appropriate for singles only...

    (Should we ever be separated from our marital commitments, if that is our given fulfillment in life?)

    ***Husband & Wife in addition to Male & Female tags...***

    Wouldn't that help all of us keep respect for what God has put together?

    I realize that Male & Female is simple... but I look for fullness in the truth...

    You could still have the appropriate Posting Privileges directed to the correct areas;
    Male & Husband funneled together as well as Female & Wife funneled together...

    Nothing would change other than people appropriately viewing what He made us:bible:
  17. andrew

    andrew Administrator Staff Member Male

    notforevil, the male and female labels simply allow us to identify who has already registered their gender and who has not. It helps keeps things straight in the discussion and in the ladies-only and men-only forums. That's its only purpose, and marital status is not an issue in that context.

    You might want to go ahead and register yourself....
  18. ZecAustin

    ZecAustin Well-Known Member Male

    I get your point and for the most part I would agree except that it would put flashing lights on the single ladies that said "Mob me!"
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  19. notforevil

    notforevil New Member

    Thank you Zec! I wholeheartedly agree, and I personally would never want any woman to be mobbed or disrespected here.

    Sadly, the way its set up right now, it is more possible for all women to be viewed as separate here, by just simply being labeled female.

    But I do get your point, Zec, and I respect your concern.

    God Bless you for your compassion of all women as it is a testimony of a man of God.
  20. andrew

    andrew Administrator Staff Member Male

    No women are mobbed or disrespected here, at least not for long, and not by anyone that is a member in good standing of this community.

    We're not going to add husband or wife labels. Time to move on.