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    If it is important to each individual to declare their availability, or not, familial status, or not, then there are a couple places off the top of my head to do so. There is the Signature tag so it's displayed with every post so everyone can see it right away and the Biography section of one's profile page so one could look it up if they're so inclined.

    There's also legal ramifications that some people can't afford. In some locales (depending on region, country, state, etc.), to have any label associated with them at all even mentioning the woman as a wife automatically makes her a legal, common-law wife which makes the man guilty of bigotry bigamy which is a felony.

    There's also the issue that, again, to some, the very terms Husband and Wife is to accept the dogma brought on by a "Church" or "State" government that they abhore.

    And that by the way, is a classic example of how a typical modern feminist twists things around to have a misogynistic undertone that never existed.

    Being married doesn't make you NOT Male or Female.

    In that case, please also include your REAL name, address and age. That way we really know who we're talking to and can use the appropriate pre-determined bias.

    I realize this seems like it comes pretty hard but I think your whole post is making something bigger than what it really is. There was a simple purpose for having the Male/Female tags to begin with, so to make it more than that is a solution looking for a problem and is divisive. Don't be that person.

    EDIT: I spent too much time in edit. I see that it's been addressed.
    EDIT 2 9/24/17: Bigamy, not bigotry. o_O
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    Good suggestions, NetWatchR, for how to identify yourself as married or single if that's what you wish. My favorite is the signature line—easy to implement and right there in every post.

    notforevil, we're glad you are here and want you to continue posting, but NetWatchR has the right of it. You may not realize how your posts are being received, and internet forums and social media can be tricky business because of the absence of body language and vocal inflection. But you tend to present your views with an undercurrent of 'if you're really honoring biblical marriage' and 'if you're a real man of God' and 'if Christ is our bridegroom' that suggests that anyone who disagrees with you is not honoring biblical marriage, not a real man of God, and doesn't believe Christ is our bridegroom. That's a religious version of a logical fallacy commonly referred to as "no true Scotsman", and it tends to offend the people it's aimed at.
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    I'm going to put my foot in it by also stating that my marital status is no one else's business but mine,God's,and the people I choose to tell.This forum has been a safe haven to discuss things,long may it continue to be so.Thank you.
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    If a guy comes on here and contacts a woman simply because it says 'female' beneath her name, then he has issues and won't last long around here. I have had that problem in some PM facebook groups, once I left them I stopped being contacted. I have never been contacted by a guy on BF who assumed I was single. In fact, I think I make it pretty clear in my profile information and also in many of my posts that I'm married. That's something any of the women can do too.
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    I have prayed about all these responses and I thank you for helping me see beyond myself.

    The dilemma that I face is: "if I am to take my life beyond myself, where do I go(?)"... There was only one fruitful answer!

    To represent anything but Him, would be sin to me! I thank you all though for helping me iron all this out.

    He says to me that The two will become one; A virtuous woman is never independent from her husband; and that I was born female, but blessed and elevated to wife...
    No disrespect to anyone, but just like King David was given from God, He has given me to my Husband... I am, and always will be, a Wife according to Him!

    Yes, unfaithfulness can mess this covenant up, but why even meditate on such things?

    Thank you all for the ideas on strengthening a wife's submission to her Lord/lord<><
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    So does that make women that are not married less worthy?Do they have less status here or in the world?Maybe I'm misunderstanding you..
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    Absolutely Not dear friend...
    (I wholeheartedly understand though, as I too wait on His continued direction myself, daily.)

    "Every woman is a precious daughter without doubt",
    and was made from (and for the purpose of) her Lord/lord...
    Book of Genesis, Not my opinion!
    "He says to me that The two will become one;
    A virtuous woman is never independent from her husband;
    and that I was born female, but blessed and elevated to wife"...

    Never the less I was and am still His precious daughter,
    and I do sincerely pray that all His daughters find their "God led" purpose for Him!

    Great Godly Question, thank you Sarai!!!:cross:
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    Isaiah 4:1 (KJV) 1 And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.

    Emphasis obviously added, I don't think that who a woman is is properly taught nowadays.
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    May want to remove the "unspecified" 3rd gender option from that page so new people signing up will be forced to select male/female.
  10. FollowingHim

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    I'd love to be able to. Unfortunately, I can't readily make gender mandatory for all signups in XenForo, hence why there is an "unspecified" option. Xenforo itself does not allow gender to be a mandatory field. This is why I have instead had to resort to the various permissions and warnings etc outlined in this thread. That would be a whole lot simpler though.
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  12. andrew

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    Sweet! Done.

    I removed the 'unspecified' option and made "male" the default choice. People can still lie about their gender, but they have to choose one or the other.
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    "ex-cellent" [Mr. Burns voice]
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    As a PostScript, I know that occasionally we get some couples on here that want to share one account, but I'm okay to politely but resolutely resist that preference. For the amount of time it would take someone to set up a second account, I'd prefer to know who I'm actually speaking with....
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    Yes, and it is a respect thing.
    Please respect me enough to not leave me always guessing as to whom I am speaking to.
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    Afraid you might be hitting on a dude?:p
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    Naww, my life is complicated enough without trying to chat up complete strangers.
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    Mine too!:eek:
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    They're not a stranger any more after you've chatted them up.
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    The dudes?
    What side are you on?:eek:
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