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    This is what I posted.

    The author uses suggest alot. I did not see any scriptural evidence to validate the Opinion of the author. On another note the terminology one flesh in both scripture and cultural context means to make a new family or kinship unit see Genesis 2:24 and Genesis 37:27 in the case of why Joseph's brothers did not kill him being of one flesh. Many translations deviate from the original Hebrew so please translate and read for yourself. No where is it stated that Jesus said polygamy was a sin. No where in the OT or NT does God condem polygamy. If you have scripture that supports you claim please show it to us all. I would appreciate being shown something in scripture I have over looked.
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    It's a very speculative article that selectively cites scripture to reach a predetermined view, and ignores clear historical sources that disagree. Josephus clearly states that he married his Ethiopian wife before he married Zipporah. The author's theory that he married her after Zipporah died is just something he made up to fit his presuppositions.
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    I was still looking for what you just posted to correct the assumptions of the author had about Moses Marriages thank you I'm going to repost.
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    I know this is an old article but it was the first thing that popped up when I typed in did Moses have two wives. I felt the need to post so anyone else who reads it can see the author had flaws in the Article and not take it as fact.
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    Exactly! I do not like when people assume, speculate, add to, take away, or extrapolate. This article does this. It’s almost laughable how he attempts to make the scripture meet his narrative. If we don’t like it when liberals try to force a narrative, then we shouldn’t either. Good to see an opposing view article though.
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