New TV Show from TLC: Seeking Sister Wife

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    Hey! Good point! There is still hope!
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    But you don't look like Shrek... :eek:
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    Seeking Sister Wives episode 2 was last Sunday night. Here are my thoughts.

    1. I thought the Briney family was over-reacting when worrying about the neighbors. Obviously a primary motivation for the Brineys (and also the Alldredges) is to show real life polygamy in order to gain understanding and sympathy, but it seemed over the top, with the Brown's not being prosecuted.

    There were so many questions that Drew Briney wrote an article to answer them:

    2. TLC really built up when the Alldredges prospect had to confess something and it turned out to not be too big of a deal. It was very sweet how the Alldredges handled it.

    3. It also seemed like the Snowden's telling her Mom about it turned out to be a non-issue. She seemed to handle it real well (but what about her Dad and his parents?)

    4. The Snowden's prospective seems to be very mature and to have her act together. Sure she is young but she seems very mature for her age. She is working as a stewardess? She seems to have her life together. Ten years age difference is nothing (See Alldrredges for example). I do not see any problem there.
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  4. cnystrom

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    Here is what I have found out researching the families:

    1. The Brineys and the Alldredges know each other.

    2. Aspyn Brown's (Sister Wives) fiance Mitch Thompson is Vanessa Alldredge's (Seeking Sister Wives) brother!

    3. All of the families have individual Facebook pages:

    4. And some have Home pages:

    5. While researching the families I found out that the families are way more interesting in real life than they are even on the show.

    Drew Briney is apparently a master juggler:

    Dmitri Snowden built an 800 lb. robot called AWSM (Autonomous Working Smart Machine) to encourage urban youth to study:
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  5. cnystrom

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    Oh on Snowden's facebook page he posted a video about a guy responding to the question from his women about why she can not have multiple husbands. The guy responded that he was the key and she was the lock and together they can unlock beautful love. If he can unlock other locks then that would make him a master key which is a very valuable thing, but if her lock can be unlocked with every key then she would be a really horrible lock! It was a great analogy. If you have Facebook you should go check it out.
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    Gotta add that one to the FAQs
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    *** SPOILER ALERT ***

    Show quickly blew up. I think after 4 episodes they hardly have a show left. One couple got ghosted. Another opted for short term goals instead of long term goals when he opted to convert his first date to a tinder encounter. The third family was not really even seeking a sister wife, having already found one.

    Oddly TLC is rolling out yet another new polygamy TV show. I believe it is called "Three wives and a husband" or something like that. There does seem to be a lot of opportunities for polygamists to get on TV these days.
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    Yeah, but at what cost? Based on our experiences negotiating with a talk show (turned them down due to creative control issues) and experiences of others I've talked with, I'd say there are opportunities to get on tv, if 'getting on tv' is the goal, but there aren't many opportunities to tell our stories the way they need to be told. Just opportunities to sell our stories for money so other people can tell them the way they want them told.

    I'm thinking YouTube channels (better) and podcasts (okay) are better media through which to get the word out. Just thinking out loud here, but that's where I am now.
  9. cnystrom

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    Agree 100%. I did not mean that I recommended that polygamists jump on these opportunities. I just meant it sure seems like people are really interested in polygamy "reality" tv shows (perhaps the same people that enjoy watching train wrecks) and that it seems like TLC really wants to provide them.

    At least "Seeking Sister Wife" had a new angle. I am not sure what is the value add of this latest show they are adding to the lineup. As far as I can tell it is just another Mormon polygamist family getting on TV.
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    That's the one I mentioned above, it's already screened here in NZ. It's not how we would practice polygyny though. For example, when one family wanted to bring in another SW, the whole family, kids and all, had a vote to decide if she should be allowed to stay. The second wife chose no but all the kids said yes so they asked her to join the family. They said they were patriarchal but they really were democratic. Maybe that's normal for Mormons?
    I'd love to see a proper show involving Christians but I don't see it happening since I reckon we're all too smart to allow a TV show to completely wreck our stories.
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    I did notice after I did some more reasearch that this show seems like a re-tread from the BBC or something.

    I know what you mean. I would like to see one, too. So far we will have to be content with that one episode of "Sister Wives" that the Richards were in.
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    I've never seen Sister Wives, though I'd like to see that episode. Does anyone know of somewhere I could watch it online? Otherwise I have to buy the whole season on DVD, I read the book and it was so depressing I'm not keen on watching the show.
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    If someone is interested in going the TV route but want control over the message, I would highly suggest Youtube and Patreon (or similar platforms). You'll have to put a lot more work in and financial success is less certain. But you control the message, get to interact directly with the audience, and there may be greater long term financial upside.

    @FollowingHim2 try your local library, many have extensive DVD collections available for rent locally or through interlibrary loan.
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    If someone does take the Youtube route, and if you're expecting financial compensation for it (an ox is worthy of his reward), then be aware that over the past year or so, there's been a huge crackdown at Youtube. This is both in terms of monetization (controversial videos often get deemed "unsuitable" for advertisers), and in terms of content restriction (videos deemed too "ofensive" can be placed into restricted mode or limited state).

    As rockfox mentions, Patreon is one way around the demonetization, although they've also been known to ban controverial people. An alternative site to Patreon that I've heard good things of is called MakerSupport.
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  15. cnystrom

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    FYI, the Richards episode is Season 5 epsiode 7 "From Monogamy to Polygamy".

    I could not find it online, but I found some pictures:
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  16. cnystrom

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    Actually the season numbers are not consistant. It is season 7 episode 7 on Amazon Prime and you can watch it for $3. The title "From Monogamy to Polygamy" is correct so you know you have the right episode.
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