So... I told my pastor that I believe a man having more than one wife is not a sin

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    When I was a youth I was asked to give a lesson to the church on a Wednesday night. I was kind of naive at the time and so gave a lesson on differences I saw between the church in scripture and our church (nothing to do with polygamy). It ended up causing a huge controversy and I recall at one point the pastor turning aside a couple of Sundays later and quietly saying to me that he totally agreed with me, but if he said so he would lose his job. I was shocked. It was a rude awakening to how the church really worked.

    I try not to be too hard on the church though, for fear the husband may take her side against me.
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    Now while that last verse applies directly to paid pastors be careful, the first two cut both ways, bringing to my mind our recent discussions about what to call our second women when interacting with potentially hostile people.
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    I've also used the Braveheart example of William Wallace and Murron (at least back when it was more in the public mind...) to illustrate that concept. It's so easy to see why William and Murron would have a secret marriage. It's harder to identify one's own culture with the bad guys....
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    Wouldn’t it be perfectly biblical to call a second lady, my woman?
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    Well thats how an OT Hebrew follower of God would have said it. See the whole conversation about names here.
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    You could always use the term “tent stake” :eek::D Rumor has it that that’s how Abraham referenced Ishmaels first wife.
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    Mormons like to quote KJV Isaiah 54:2 in reference to "stake" as their name for an administrative unit encompassing several congregations in an area, but stakes as women gives the verse a whole other and more interesting connotation.
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    Ive often wondered if the reference to a stake is somehow connected with the shoots that are planted by the Father. I wonder if the reference in Psalms 1 is the equivalent of a tent stake or waw/vav that is planted by the rivers of waters, that bringeth forth her fruit in her season.
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    I hear Heber's wife Jael took that as a nickname as well...
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    Some species of tree, such as willow, are propagated essentially by cutting branches into stakes and pounding them into damp soil during the winter dormant period. Some especially fertile areas of the world were reputed to cause the fence posts to sprout and grow; though that may only work with certain local woods commonly used for posts that can propagate that way.
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    Redwood will do this. It’s pretty impressive to see hedges growing out of redwood rounds partially buried.
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    Cottonwoods do that too.
    We have a row of monster trees that started out fenceposts.
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