Nathan Bender


Nathan often considers himself the most blessed person he knows. Growing up in a loving family (preacher's kid), he experienced a wide spectrum of the 'Church' before 30 (Mennonite to Pentecostal and much in between) - which gave him a perspective of grace, seeing that God deals with His children very differently - which is His choice. Married to Julie for 29 years now, no one was more surprised than Nathan, when God brought Nita into his life, and family, 20 years ago. He works in engineering software for a living, but God and family are his priorities. Was a part of 2 other plural-family ministries that ended, dating to 1996, before feeling God's push to start what would become Biblical Families in 2008.

We well remember how those early years were, trying to hear from God, and grow as a person, at the same time we were dealing with friends, family, and Church rejection. This is the reason Biblical Families exists - to help others going thru similiar things.

Come and visit the Bender family in Florida!

Team Members

Nathan Bender

Founder, Director, and Fellowship Coordinator

Ron Higgins

Outreach Coordinator and Bouncer

Andrew Amelang

Worship Coordinator and Website Manager

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